Can't login?
  • Hey,
    Is there a problem with logging in?
    I'm entering my user and password, and upon the refresh I'm still not connected (but there's no error message, unlike when I'm entering a wrong password).

    Also when clicking on the reset password link in my email i'm send to jamendo home page, a message shows up saying I'm connected - but I'm not :P

    What's going on?
  • that happened to me as well, several days ago.
    It seems the site has gone haywire after the update, several things don't work..
  • Logging in is a disaster!. Just a spiral of having to re input my login, then freezing screens, or just blank screens. What the hell were you thinking....
  • Same here! Even if i'm logged in, the artist page still considers me as logged out and does not want to log me in no matter how many times I try.
  • I have never been able to log in since registration. I was sent, and replied to, the "please confirm your email address" request. Each time I attempt to log in I get a red banner saying "Authentication Error". I attempted to re-register and was told that the user name crowdyke was already taken. Attempted to register under a different user name to be told that there was already a user listed at my email address.

    Have used firefox, IE and chrome with the same result.

  • Well. I have confirmed my email address to register on this forum and as you can see I can log on but I am still seeing a pop-up asking me to confirm my email address.
  • Registered on the main site with a new email and username. Accepted. Started a playlist. All good until I tried to enter a second item on the playlist. The original playlist did not show in the dropdown. If I navigated there it still existed and the first item I entered still showed. Logged out and then when I attempted to log in again I was told "Authentication error". This is becoming boring.
  • Same problem here. It seems like the hostname is stripped from any functions on the login div. Screenshot of the problem (see the cursor, and bottom left): further, I cannot change my language or country.
  • I got same problems...can't log in. Resetting the password...chose a new password...and when i go to upload new music..."please log in" which I can't!!! Tried at least 20 times and i'm feed up. I will chose another site soon. My patience it over.
  • I'm having this problem now, is whole day that I can not login, I was able to get in, during the procedure to recover the password, then I created a new password, but I can not anyway to login. To write in the forum I had to create a new account, with which, however, I cannot login to the site.
  • They updated Jamendo and the login name is now case sensitive, you must type it exactly as it appears in your profile.