YouTube copyright problem.
  • I've used the track "Snowing" BY Peter Rudenko ( ) for a video on YouTube, because i like the music and it's under CC-BY license according to the track's info page.

    Now there is a copyright claim by "routenote" to this track ... to me this seems not to be valid (i can not even find any info on Peter Rudenko on ) but i'm not sure how to deal with this.

    Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
  • NUeB here you can find artist info

    Contact Peter(is my advice) and tell him what has happened. You can also add that you are thankful that he released the song under CC BY-3.0. From time to time I myself send thank you letters to artists for using such liberal licenses as CC BY-3.0.
  • Seems obvious to me that the copyright claim by youtube is bogus. I'm sure you mentioned the original artist in your video description? Just let youtube know where the song is from and note the CC-license, shouldn't need more convincing than that. Contacting the the original artist just to make sure would also be something that might help. At least you'd have some ammunition if youtube/routenote try to pull something.

    There might be somekinda automated algorithm that flags videos as suspicious in youtube, I hear about these kind of cases every now and again.
  • A bit late answer, but anyway, here what you should do when Youtube mistakenly identifies your audio content, which happens quite often.

    Go to the video in question at 'video manager'.
    Choose an appropriate reason from the following menu and submit your dispute: