we interview in the Netherlands to the Ming

  • Genoa native reporters, Zhang Haoxiang scratched his cheek, he has not had the face of the rookie reporters and flash a bit cramped. Now he could face the reporter is very handy, look also will not be so nervous.
    "If you can attend my very honored, of course, is the merit of each player is our team's outstanding performance, and I'm just an ordinary member of the team, so this problem, you ask Rodrigo them (that is, Parra Theo) is more appropriate. "
    "Zhang Haoxiang, nfl jerseys wholesale,we heard Groningen also has been made in the Europa League qualification, or Xu Chenming will also participate in, your chance to meet in World War arena, if that day, what you want to say to him?" This is a question of Chinese reporters
    Zhang Haoxiang smiled, a smile like a child and Ming did their homework by the teacher found a simple kind enough to a child.
    Very fortunate childhood understanding of the more fortunate We were brought up to play with, grew up with but if we are unfortunate to meet on the court, I will tell him the technical characteristics of Mr. Ma Linuo, this victory is very important. "
    Zhang Haoxiang joke like answer and the letter of the bad company behavior, caused by a Chinese reporter's laughter.
    In Zhang Haoxiang when answering reporters' questions, a domestic reporter suddenly thrust and pulled out an apple iPad, said: "A few days ago, we interview in the Netherlands to the Ming, he has a few words to say to you, Do you want to see it? "
    Zhang Haoxiang nodded his head.
    The reporter open ipad, screen, Ming wearing Groningen jersey, sweat, hair is not dry, is clearly not the game just finished training just ended.
    "First of all congratulations to Genoa for Europa League qualification, Come on you to insist on striving to see me in the final view of the very possible that we meet on the court, remember, do not hurt."
    Looking at the ipad which Ming has always been sunshine and smile and assertive sound Zhang Haoxiang calm Road, told reporters: "he said these words obviously forget to eat the medicine, we do not mind."
    Zhang Haoxiang the word, cheap jerseys from china, once again drew Chinese reporter laughter. Harmless joke, a harmonious atmosphere, even if it is accustomed to the literal meaning of speculation some Mengliao news reporter, at this moment deeply touched by the friendship of the Ming and Zhang Haoxiang joke.
    Strange in Europe, the biggest bright spot of the two Chinese football, all the Chinese fans are looking forward to the collision of the spark, is not it?
    So the next day the major sites above have posted this news, the news video talk by Ming Zhang Haoxiang looked ipad. Serie A thirtieth turn to the arrival of April 1, Genoa to Milan, away to Inter Milan at the Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro).
    The game has not started, external media for the game is very concerned about. On the one hand, the the Genoa recent momentum is fierce undefeated stung every Serie A veteran of nerve. On the other hand, from 12 January 25, the fourth consecutive month, the Inter Milan's achievement has been like a roller coaster, tugging at each Inter fans fragile little darling.
    0:4 away defeat to Roma
    0-2 away loss to Naples
    1:1 home draw against Chievo
    Defeat, but why 4:1 at home to sweep Catania.
    Results Inter irons sigh, every weekend watching with a cardiac emergency care and drugs, and even some fans began to miss during the Mourinho Inter Milan, but can not always live in the past, at least Inter Milan coach Claudio Ranieri is like that.
    Although the stadium in Europe, the Inter Milan team plot very appear out of Marseilles, but in the face Real Madrid, Inter Milan, nfl jerseys china , with a total score has also been behind the two goals in the knockout stages, and the opponent a precious away goals, compete for the last eight tickets they have lost to Real Madrid, a large portion of.
    Lane operations Inter Milan is their injury seems to no longer exist, once the Inter brilliant. Throughout the Giuseppe Meazza in wait for a victory.
    March 30th, ten o'clock, when Zhang Haoxiang off the plane of the sky of Milan float sporadic spring rain.
    Follow the team arrived at the hotel where he stayed, Marino will soon convene the team opened a brief meeting. Assigned the task of several assistant coaches, will lead the team to Milanello.
    Europe's largest football training base here belongs to AC Milan. AC Milan and Genoa has always been that go more recent, and Zhang Haoxiang the Yili Di's mouth was informed that the most likely in the summer transfer window after the start, Milan will repurchase Merkel ownership, meaning that the German magician will most likely put on red and black shirt to fight for Milan.
    This Genoa main, had complained to the media: "I would say, and further development continues, the club is likely to be AC Milan or any other team yts.
    Preziosi said these words to show off the ingredients, but also the envy of jealous hate, Genoa young training system there are a lot of cattle, Boateng, Merkel, Palin, Stewart La, these European local players, almost all of the Genoa youth system trained.
    But these, when the fame of these players, the technology improved, they often still will choose wealthy to chase their dreams. No way, Who Genoa is not wealthy.
    Leased Milanello which a training ground before the training, only the day's training session, AC Milan also appear in the Milanello.
    AC Milan, in Zhang Haoxiang the world exists inside the channels of live television, came to Italy to join Genoa after the game against Milan, he is on the bench watching. Standing Milanello at a time, watching the star of the Milan Legion, said he does not excited very calm and that is a lie.
    You can then calm what is the use? From AC Milan's training ground, only an isolation distance of the network, but from Genoa to Inter Milan, but separated by a long curse the short term, Zhang Haoxiang did not dare to expect to be able to step over.
    Training courses in the morning after only a 40-minute confrontation, into the top of the physical endurance training. cheap jerseys from china, The Zhang Haoxiang Palacio and Alberto Gilardino attack three arrow pulled out Danlian experience tasks in addition to already act in harmony with the short pass, Marino dispatched to several assistant coaches.
    Palacio and Zhang Haoxiang double shadow front side to move the attack, the aim is to break open a breakthrough in the wing. Training wing break with the subjects, while the training wing break with the subject has just begun, Zhang Haoxiang seem natural to a Japanese.
    Inter-backs, Friends of Mary Help of Christians are.
    Zhang Haoxiang not what brain cynical, this had actually lose money to sell Cesena, from Cesena to move to Inter Milan, worth turning several times Japanese Tomosuke-are in Zhang Haoxiang the impression has been the existence of a Pao Busi .
    January 11 season, when Zhang Haoxiang also sitting on the bench the day, to witness a long Tomosuke wing break scoring Genoa a goal. More Asian fans the long Tomosuke understanding, that game against Fiorentina, one of his hit superb header.
    A lot of time home fans watching national football bitter, but also to reflect on why the level of the Chinese football is always not go. Obviously, the player players Liuyang output as Japan.
    "If you want what? Sheets?" Rest Gilardino looked Zhang Haoxiang sat on the turf in a daze, asked.