searching with tags
  • First post. So I am not sure if this is the right place to post it or should I email jamendo directly etc.

    I have an album:

    which as you can see has the following tags: "turkish, neofolk, neoclassical, turkce, turku"

    however, when I search for one of these tags in the new interface (btw. I liked the old interface much better) I don't find my album!

    the easiest tag is "turku" I guess, which gives no results. "turkce" finds a single album by the artist "Ouuzi". This looks pretty unbelievable to me (since "turkce" means turkish in turkish, i presume there are some turkish songs in jamendo in fact). Since it can't find my album, I am sure it can't find a plenty of other albums.

    So, what to do? is this a bug?
  • moved to bugs/copyright after no response in artists corner.
  • I am under the impression that tag searching is incomplete in the new Jamendo. The album here:

    has the tag "jpop". However, searching for "jpop" returns only two tracks from other albums. Is there a way to fix this functionality?