Jamendo's program for Android
  • Hi everyone.

    I'm upset with Jamendo program for Android. Where is the support? Where is/ are the update/ es because of the new version of Jamendo's page?

    I can't listen ANYTHING since you changed the page. The application crashes when I try to listen "Most listened" and the player can't play any song because the page and URL's change some time ago.

    I'm really upset because i like very much listen my favourites Jamendo's artists but now i can't.

    I need a replay for this problem.

    Thank you.
  • I have a suspicion that the jamendo app for android is developed by someone not affiliated with jamendo in any way. The one I have installed is dev'd by a Polish group Teleca, so it might make more sense to contact them about your worries. Start the app, hit menu key and tap information to see their contact info.

    I hope we're talking about the same app here, to avoid confusion :)
  • Yes I can confirm it's not an official App, even though a good one in my opinion!
    However, we plan to work with them improving their App in the nearest future!