Chapter III to pay tribute to the magician (middle)

  • The weak interior defense greatly affect the team's overall defensive system,authentic jerseys wholesale,other players must follow over to help defend Randolph, this will inevitably lead to an outside emptiness. Duke of adults feel very depressed to see this situation, the original drug dealer and he play together when I did not show the passing ability to, how is broke.

    Fortunately, this time Bryant feel pretty good, in case circumstances permit Snoopy occasionally directly after the break layup, so the points difference has not been opened, but the score has been very scary, because both sides of the defense doing is not good.

    "Although before Snoopy proudly said he has been familiar with the true meaning of the triangle offense, he has to take over the Lamar gun, but I can only see this guy the audience only to find Bryant followed scoring play is great, Look at him brush assists brush more than happy! "Buckley enjoy teasing kiss combination, but Kenny - Smith see the data have been very surprised, not God's score, but Section II halfway through Snoopy reached eleven assists.

    "We can say, the arrival of Snoopy Bryant scored the Lakers biggest booster is easier for some," Buckley hey smile, because Bryant scores approaching thirty.

    Snoopy Bryant shots and chug sudden, if these two guys are bad luck, then the Lakers will not hit moving. The other hand, the Blazers the gang xiaonianqing,jerseys from china,in addition to Randolph in the penalty area to play fast, the rest of the people appeared to be very organized, which gives the feeling like butcher sharpening looked slaughtered a pig, like people spine chilly ground. Zen master, or to strengthen the defense bar, old so exchange that know basketball looked afraid ah! The audience is no longer concerned about the offense and defense conversion plots, they only see with vigor.

    However, the first problem is actually the Trail Blazers, outside line no stable pitcher Lakers Zen master asked the team members in the field of self-regulation implied, Randolph began frantically double-teamed, while resulting in a large number of peripheral space pioneer blacksmith fire raging endless, the result will let Snoopy and Bryant also played with the climax of an eight-nil.

    Knight uncle angry, hastily called a temporary halt. Lakers backcourt has reached the top, but inside dish them today is to chew on the cabbage, the results on Randolph a bombing in the restricted area, outside their blacksmith, threes and seven voted simply too damn shame.

    "Obviously, it simply is not what Triangle,cheap authentic nfl jerseys,is a two-person show" Knight uncle opponents under their account, said: "Let the weak side of the furnishings towards the strong side of the, when the k24 and S8 ball after pressure in the past, try to double-team them two individuals, forcing them to pass each other. Aldridge, you want to live to see Bynum firmly, in fact, he is just a decoration! "

    Start evolutions the suspended end Hounai Te uncle's defense, and then people saw the strong side of the area began full of people, but Cook Meirenlihui floating alone on the weak side, Bynum and Aldridge in the paint playing wrestling.

    This strong oppression Snoopy not have enough space in the ball in the corner after a breakthrough to the basket, hands down pass God Great God only two team ball to the best location library grams. But Cook's offensive desire is simply zero. And one of the reasons, in addition to the fatigue and each other's tight defense, more importantly, his mental burden. This psychological burden caused by the failure defensive Randolph. When the inside is Randolph successful offensive, his desire to attack also followed the decline. Therefore, even if there is a good chance, he seems quite hesitant.

    In this case, Jackson had put Radmanovic,nfl jerseys authentic,but this guy apparently poisonous shadows caused by traffickers (Zach really great ah!) Continuous blacksmith three ...

    So God in high hit the ball and passed to Bynum, however Anthura Aldridge suppressed is very powerful, tentatively staged two outrageous hook, all tile. "You want to build a house?" Buckley laughed.

    This time the crux of the Lakers, and the fact that they still do not have good post players. Once the other defensive layout, the team's engine Snoopy is limited players began recklessly. Then you can see Luke - Wharton regardless teammates walk dribble cut is off, Anzu - Bynum jump hook cover the body loses its center of gravity force Lord backcourt niche in 24 seconds just after 1 dry pull it / 3, which also includes the Duke of adults, Khan!

    "Lakers problem!" - Bill Walton upturned back, seems to speak with Lin Shu Heng Lin Shu-heng a big kind of looked at the field situation, very experienced and said: "Indeed, they basically can not get on base, the other hits too many times, but ... "

    "You fucking say birds?" - Bill Walton hear some inexplicable,Wholesale Coach purses, while Wang Biyun has begun to doze off, had wanted to take a look at what son dunk, he kept pass ah pass, also cast lost a few balls, so sleepy start on the Bay, basketball was not the Lin family family hobby. Scarlett surprised to see the reaction of the puppy parents really can not figure out the Snoopy is how to become a professional player.