New Jamendo terms - What has changed?
  • Lately, in the artist page there is a banner warning that if you want to upload new music you have to agree with the updated general terms. I have tried several times to understand what's different now, but cannot make my way through the document. Could someone who is good at understanding legalese explain in a few lines what are the main differences now? Thank you :)
  • Nobody? Is this forum active?
  • looks like nobody knows/cares.
  • Thank you Realaze, it was exactly what I needed! At first I wasn't sure about posting my doubt here or in getsatisfaction. So great to see that all the research and 'literature' has already been produced!

    Thanks to Chillcarrier and JamNicole too, for explaining everything so in detail and in human terms!! In my experience (my case, at least), the 'I write music' chromosome is not often simultaneous with the 'I can stand legal blocks' one, haha... (maybe that's also a reason for the lack of interest you mention, SaReGaMa)... Anyway, thank you everybody. :)

  • ...and then, of course, it was deleted.

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