Music Bazaar: is your music sold or distributed without your permission?
  • Hi all,

    Many artists from the Jamendo community have already informed us of the unauthorized distribution or sale of their music works on the website Music Bazaar.
    Please be aware that there is no partnership between Jamendo PRO and that website. If you haven’t personally agreed to the distribution or sale of your works through that website, it is most likely an act of copyright infringement.
    It is your choice to decide whether you want to legally exercise your rights by sending them a notification of copyright infringement and ask them to immediately withdraw your works from their platform. We wrote a notification template below to make it easier for you. Feel free to use and edit it - just don’t forget to fill in the parts in between brackets!
    Some Jamendo artists have already informed us that they had their works successfully removed from Music Bazaar.

    In order to back your legal intents, Jamendo will send a letter to the Music Bazaar platform to inform them that many Creative Commons licenses do not allow usage for commercial purposes.

    Thank you,

    Here is the notification template:

    I am writing to notify you that the copying, broadcasting, and selling of the following works on the Music Bazaar platform ( infringes my intellectual property rights:

    - ...

    I [am the sole owner of the rights OR represent all the rightsholders] on these works which are protected by the [French, Spanish,...] law.
    I inform you that I published my works on Jamendo under a limited Creative Commons license prohibiting any commercial use [INSERT YOUR LICENSE HERE: CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-NC-SA...] ( According to this license, any use is considered as commercial as soon as it is “primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.”
    Considering that my works are used in a commercial way on your platform, your company has no lawful right to copy, sell, distribute, reproduce or broadcast the music works without my authorization. Such behavior constitutes acts of copyright infringement under the law of the countries where my works are protected.
    Consequently, I demand that you immediately stop your unlawful copying and broadcasting of my works within seven (7) days and that you provide me with a written assurance that necessary steps have been taken in order to rectify this situation.
    If your company does not comply with my demands within this time period, I will consider taking further actions, including seeking monetary damages and payment of court costs and attorney’s fees.

    Please inform me within the above-mentioned delay of all actions taken by your company in order to stop this illegal conduct.