Does anyone else have a problem with Jamendo ignoring them at every turn?
  • This is my album: Normally I'd feel guilty about having a shameless promotional plug, but as it turns out... The album doesn't exist! It didn't exist when it was 120452 (I think) either. Because Jamendo won't publish it. It violates no rules, no regulations, and even if it did they certainly haven't contacted me about it. It simply won't upload despite being certified. They continue to upload other albums, but have ignored me at every turn. Is there an issue I'm unaware of? Because honestly, I am tired of being ignored. I have tried to upload three times and seen hundreds of albums including another of my own published before this one. I have emailed them, I have contacted them on facebook, I have submitted my issues with them over 30 times now and I am simply tired of it. I want to know what the hell is going on, and I thought someone somewhere may be able to shed a little light on this inexplicably horrible moderation. I want to know why I am not being published because frankly, I am about to pack up and go elsewhere. I have been a part of the the Jamendo community for 5 years, and not having the decency to contact me when I (until recently) have been politely asking why I am having these issues is inexcusable.
  • Nobody from Jamendo stuff browses these forums, so when you calm down, post your question at . Assuming that Jamendo ignores you on purpose is a bit paranoid idea. Obviously, there's an issue you're unaware of.