Have a question that needs to be answered by the Jamendo Team?
  • Hi guys !

    Short post to explain to our new members how this forum is meant to be used, and also to make things more clear :

    If you have a question that requires an answer from Jamendo's staff members,

                                                    please ask it on GET SATISFACTION.

    You will be asked to create a different account from this forum's, but be sure any question in relation with your Jamendo account, artist profile and so on will be answered as fast as possible.

    Indeed, this forum mainly aims at providing a place for the users to share music, ideas, and more, but we don't check it as often as we wish. Nevertheless, be sure that many of our members are willing to help you (yep, I think that you guys are that cool ; ), so feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and questions in this forum too.

    Have a nice day !

    Francois, Community Manager
  • Tu ne vas quand même pas cliquer , hein ?