Am i have to buy licence
  • Hi every body i want to use some classical music song for my power point presentation. For demostration at the school. Am i have to buy licence for them.
  • Depends on the type of CC license the song is published under. Show me the track and I'll tell you exactly.
  • Here they are. Any track on this album i am thinking to use
  • As you can see in the album description it's published under CC-BY-NC-SA license:

    (cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA
    You can copy, distribute, advertise and play this album as long as you:
    • imageGive credit to the artist
    • imageDon't use this album for commercial purposes
    • imageDistribute all derivative works under the same license

    You can use the music for free under 3 conditions:

    1. You must provide a written credit that includes the song's title and artist's name, something like:   Music: Meditation by Stefano Mocini.
    2. Your project must be noncommercial.
    3. Your project must be published under the same license: CC-BY-NC-SA. Make sure to mention it as well.