Cannot change my artist profile pic....
  • Hi, I can't set up a artist profile pic. I've selected my pic, clicked on change, but then nothing happend. Still no avatar is visible. How can I fix that ?

    P.S Sorry for my poor English
  • Refresh, if it won't help - wait until tomorrow. The server updates once a day.
  • Yeah, I refreshed it several times. I've waited for it a 2 months, but still is not setted up.
  • You got helluva patience man! Anyway, the image should be either JPG or PNG, not too large. When uploading you click browse, submit, confirm. Maybe the problem is with your browser, try another one.
  • Thanks! I've tried Chrome, Firefox, newest Opera, Internet Explorer (sic!) even! Still nothing...

    My profile pic is 316px x 316px and weight 36kB...
    I'm desperate right now!
  • I went to Profile / Upload your artist picture or logo / Browse / Submit - and successfully changed my avatar picture. It was visible on the public page the next day.
  • Then I must got some bug with my account. I will write to the technical help. Thanks for your time :)
  • I have a similar problem. I go to change my picture, I click 'choose file' and select the file I want. Yes, the file is a JPG. file. However, unlike when I upload my album artwork, there is no 'send' button. Only a 'submit' button. If I click that it appears to reload the page, suggesting that it has saved the changes I have made, but the picture is not there. I have tried countless times over a few months and waited, but nothing. Can anyone help?
  • Post your problems at, the staff guys who can help you don't read these forums.