I'm writing a Jamendo Android App
  • Just wanted to let you know I'm working on a Jamendo Android app.
    There are several reasons I'm doing this:
    1. The teleca poland Android app crashes a lot on my tablet since I updated to a newer version of Android.
    2. The official Android app is kinda limited, crashes every now and then and frankly, I don't like the visual style of it. Too Dark.
    3. I need to create a project for my university, and I've just had an Android development course last semester.

    Anyway. I'm doing it. You can't stop me.
    I'm not planning anything too fancy.
    It'll feature a radio player, a search with ordering options, and playlists (hopefully the ones from your online account).

    The design is not final yet, but you are welcome to give suggestions.
    I'm especially open for name suggestions (not good at naming stuff).
    If there is interest here, I will keep you up to date about the progress.
    Hopefully I'll be done in about 2 month.

    Here is a screenshot of the first prototype:
    (The prev/pause/next controls will be replaced with a stop button on the radio tab)
  • Some news? :)
  • i use teleca player and work correctly.download search info ok. i have a old android 2.2 .
  • I noticed that the official Jamendo app won't run any Jamendo-Radio anymore. So I guess anything would be a gain there.