Playing CC Music on Radio?
  • A friend and I started a radio/stream and I want too play artists from Jamendo to help promote them. The station is licensed and pays all Royalty fees. My question is can I/we play any of the songs/music on Jamendo?

    I am friends with the members of Opus 23 so I know I can play their music, because Carol and Negrin said I could. But there are a lot of other artists I like and I'd like to play them. But to be honest I get lost when it comes to the CC at times. So I would say the stream is commercial because we pay royalties. So my question is, under the CC what artists or songs can I or can't I play on the stream.

    CC BY
    CC BY-ND
    CC BY-SA
    CC BY-NC

  • Here's an article explaining all you need to know about the licenses.

    In short, you can't use music with NC clause in the license.
  • Thank you for the reply that page helps a lot. I always did broadcasting/streaming as a hobby and I never made any money doing it and I won't now. But because I am involved with a licensed stream/station now I wasn't sure what I could play. It's just an upgraded hobby I guess you could say.