The Way I Am ! ( TW!Am ) finally back with " No Means No ! "
  • Back after more than 3 years of absence, we offer you our brand new title: " No Means No! "

    Logic evolution of our song " I Didn't Cry " which was listened more than 100,000 times ( !!! ) and still gets 200 plays per day, we come back with another intense and colorful song.
    This is the second title of our EP " Apocalypse ? No Way ! " completely organic and home-made, without adding some Autotune or Melodyne, and completely recorded, mixed and mastered by hand at home, as our first ( self-titled ) EP :D

    Visit >> << to listen !<br />Leave us your opinions, comments and other words of love if you are touched, and share around, we'll reach 500,000 tracks this time ;)
    Bet you we can do it ! : D

    Saturne - Singer TW!Am ( Alternative Rock & Nu Metal )
  • Great stuff. The more I record at home, the more adventurous I also become. I love the freedom it has afforded me. I also am about to release a new album on Jamendo after an absence of new music for a couple of years! (More than a million listens, though). However, I have been recording (at home) under a different name as well, doing more heavy music. The link below.