Do I need to purchase a license for commercial use?
  • If the song I want to use DON'T have the NC (Non-Commercial) clause, do I still need to purchase a license anyway?
  • What is your project?
    For commercial videos you can use only BY and BY-SA licenses.
    More on the licenses:
  • Yeah, I'm talking about using the song for some commercial use, probably a video with ads on Youtube. I was confused because some songs that have BY and BY-SA licenses also have the option to purchase a Jamendo Royalty Free license. What are the differences between using it with CC and with Jamendo License (apart from the obvious fact that purchasing a license help the artist and Jamendo)?
  • Sometimes it's not possible to carry out even such basic conditions as giving a credit (BY) or publishing the project under the same license (SA). For example, an ad. Ever seen credits in ads? So, the PRO license is an option for those who can't comply with the requirements of CC license.
  • Thanks for the clarification. And wow! It's awesome the number of songs that are available for free that allow using them for commercial use, I would like to extend my thanks to the Jamendo Team and all those altruists artists on this community.

    The reason why I was interested on this is because a long time ago Youtube offered me to become a partner and make profit from my videos, and I'm partner since then but... It's actually too difficult to create something completely original (and good) to use it on a video and put ads on it, and obviously if the content is not 100% yours you need the permission of the author for using their works for commercial use. Now I know that at least I don't need to worry about the music XD, I still need to create some original visuals to fit that music, but I hope that I can at least accomplish that XD.