Opportunities Do Exist!!
  • https://www.musicclout.com/contents/opportunity.aspx

    Caught this on Twitter, so now you budding artists, as well as the old guard, can see if there is something that may suit you!
    It never hurts to try!

    Many reviewers, myself included, have said that this track or that track sounds like it could be used in an ABC or XYZ situation/video/film.

    Good luck!
  • Their services aren't free of charge, however: https://musicclout.com/contents/Signup.aspx
    They give you one opportunity and after that you have to pay.
  • One step in the right direction may lead to other doors that could possibly open.

    I'm in such a small town that doesn't carry many newspapers or trade papers or I'd have a look at Variety (online they wanted one to subscribe before looking :C ) but it never hurts to see if there is a local version in the country's language [German, French Italian et al...]