Thank You and Happy New Year
  • December 27, 2014

    I wish to give a very big special 'Thank you' from over the years to Wolfsong.thePoet, to Phoenix (or whatever his name may be at the moment) and to Truman who's name speaks volumes: A true man.

    A Happy New Year to you all.
  • Carybe, Jamalien, Phoenix, and, above all, my most true self, would like to thank you for your wishes of a happy new year, but essentially, for your gift, as it says a lot about the human being, which lies behind. And, would also like to wish that, under the circumstances and because ignorance is definitely one of our bigger fragilities, you never, ever, stop believing. Because, it's something that I wish to myself in the moments of major distress, and I really figure it's the only way, to keep alight the flame of courage.

  • Happy New Year to YOU GingerTom and thank you for your good wishes. And thank you, always, for the gift of yourself, your friendship, and your music . . . your stories and your dreams . . . I love them all! They remain precious in my heart.
  • Best wishes to you GingerTom. Thank you for the good stories, the fine music, and the kind words. T
  • Happy New Year to all! Apologies for not being around, but once in a while one needs to chase the dust buffalos out of their computers!

    GingerTom, Truman and many others on Jamendo continue to share their creativity, for which I am extremely grateful for. May 2015 be kind to all!!
  • Thank you SouthOMike--it's going to be a good year for Jamendo also.