Jamendo doesnt pay to musician
  • Hey there,
    I write here, because contact@jamendo.com ingnoring my message. Interesting, why?

    As you all know, jamendo made "great" system, which for sure will "improve" process of payments. There is what they wrote, when changes started, check it;

    "The change will not be drastic but it will be significant: it will greatly simplify the process of paying out all artists who make money from licensing via Jamendo PRO. Most important of all, there will be no more wondering and no more reminding. Artists will be guaranteed to receive payment on a precise date.
    Jamendo PRO sells licenses of your tracks for $120 in April 2014, which is immediately visible in your "Uses of your music" section. That sum is added to your balance in the "Payments" section on August 1st, 2014. You then can click "Get my $". Whether you requested on August 5th or August 28th, you will receive your payment on September 10th at the very latest."

    Ok, so its terrible bullshit, and let me explain why.

    Check this picture
    As you see, 1/08 I sold track for 131$ + I had some sum in $ before. In 1st of December I ckicked "Get my $", and as Jamendo says, I will recievie my payment on 10th at the VERY latest. Great, its 11th but still - nothing.

    Im just interested - am I always must write to your mail, or on forum, to get my money? Why you so disrespect your musician? If you forgot - you actually got 50% of sum which I sold, so ffs make you job correctly please.
  • Hi TitanSlayer,
    did you ask about get satisfaction, you will have answers from Jamendo as there. Many things have changed about payments it a few months ago, your problem may be there.
  • I asked, but Jamendo service seems to be doesnt care about what Im writing there (like other ppls)
  • Excuse me, I'm French and my English is not good ;o) so I use Google translation ...
    I know that there is a period of four months between when your music is used and when you are paid ... In my opinion, given the dates you indicate, it could be that the dates indicates a payment January 10 (if payment is the 10th of the month following the date indicate)... Perhaps paiement come tomorrow...
    Are you understand what i mean ;o)
    For an answer to Jamendo team, i think you have to wait until tomorrow, because we are Sunday!!!
    Good Luck ;o)
  • Are you paid today?
  • Want to bet? I'll throw €50.- in the pot and place my bet on "No".
    That is 50 bucks of "Jamendo money", of course - available as soon as I get paid...
  • It has happened once and everything came quickly in order ...
    I guess if @Titanslayer did not return to the forum is that it had to be paid ... In any case I hope :o)
  • Well, if I understand it right, Jamendo have indeed installed an somewhat annoying system to delay payments. So, if you were unlucky enough to make a deal after 10th of the month, you'll have to wait for four months until you can send a request for payment and then another month until the payment happens.
    Most likely that's useful for monetarization on Jamendo's side, which is completely ok. I guess a bit more clearness and communication could prevent a lot of angry artists comments. Business as usual ;)
  • There was a communication there a few months about it ... Many French company bills the same way, it's called the "payment 90 days end of month," I do not say that this is normal or that's fine, I'm just saying it's like that ... :o) Business is business :o)
    Then it made some time there has regular Bug, which last a few days and it should not fix things for payments, I saw that there were a lot of questions about it from artists.
  • My bet is still up. I might even double my wage - it won't make a difference as my "jamendo money" still has a real world equivalent of $0.00 (0.00 EUR).
    Why is it that I am not really surprised?
  • Well they paid, but with terrible delay in 5-6 days as I remember. They explained this that they had Christams holiday, and they decided to make payment after this holidays. Thats great logic :) Why they couldnt pay to musicians BEFORE holidays?

    I dunno... Jamendo seems to be nice web-site, but the way they do their business is just bullshit... Even this improvent with 4 month delays is just crap, I never saw such terrible system. AND even with this improvements they delay payments. Is that a joke? I think to remove all music from PRO program, and sell it for example on different stocks, where everything is ok with payments