John Option - Where is my car? (all tracks available)
  • Hi,
    some days ago we have published song and video of another single of John Option:
    Where is my car?.
    The song is published under the terms of the Creative Commons License
    (CC-BY-SA) and it's completely produced with free software:
    Ardour, Hydrogen, Jack, Qsynth, CALF, and many other
    great free audio software that we used under Debian GNU/Linux.

    Here you can listen the single and see the video (made with kdenlive):

    Here you can find the audio track:

    Here you can find the video:

    As for the previous songs we have done a little more in the direction of
    freedom and we published in our website[1] the single recording tracks
    and the complete Ardour session. All this material is published under
    the terms of the Creative Commons license Attribution Share alike so
    that anyone can use our tracks to produce a remix of our song or even a
    new song that have to be published under the same license.

    You can find all about our project here:

    I hope that you like our choice of freedom. If you feel like I'd love
    to read your feedback, because the encouragement of the people who
    listen to us and appreciate the philosophy of our project is the only
    fuel for us to continue. And if you like to be updated about our next
    release, please subscribe to our YouTube channel or any other social
    network you like (see link to our profiles on our website[1]).

    Best regards,

  • Bello il progetto di mettere a disposizione le tracce per il remix, oltre al brano completo,
    bravi! Non avete pensato di metterlo anche su ccMixter ( ), comunità americana basata proprio sul remix di brani, tracce, linee di strumenti e vocali Creative Commons. Hanno un account anche qui.
    ... E ora mi vado ad ascoltare il vostro disco :)