Invitation from 123rf
  • Hello to all. Today I received this e-mail:

    Object - [Submission#2015090610000435] We love music as much as you do. Start selling with us now!‏

    "Hello Mr. Raffaele De Leonardo,
    Greetings and a good day to you!
    As one of the top and foremost leading stock content library in the world, would like to cordially invite you to join us in expanding your audio portfolio with us!!
    Reasons why you should join us as an Audio Contributor:
    Minimum 4GB FTP space
    Audio playback for easy keywording and description
    Flexible pricing range
    Royalties from 30% up to 60%
    Metadata updating and assistance, as well as CSV file recognition
    What are you waiting for, sign up with us now to receive personalized assistance! We look forward to discussing any ideas and offer in helping you expand your portfolio with 123RF."

    I thought 123rf publish only pictures. I checked, there are also music files. This is an important and well known library : is it really possible that they invite artists at random from I do not know which database?

    I wonder if this has happened to some other and if you have any information.

    Thank you!

    Raffaele (Aufklarung)
  • I've not seen anything from them in my e-mail...