Jamendo Commercial Rights
  • I open this post, talking about of commercial purposes licence purchased via Jamendo but is a misterious way for Artist to know if any company buy a licence of music or not?

    From end of 2014 I can't find any licence purchase in my historial showed by Jamendo, is very misteriousy found some vídeos ussing my music with commercial purposes but cheking the date of youtube videos and check my music ussed and then check my historial jamendo purchase, I can't find anything.

    Please be carefull need a complete real purchase history of jamendo.

    I then desactive all of my songs for commercial uses

    Jamendo make money without Artists known?

    Jamendo Lies?

  • "Jamendo make money without Artists known?"
    -Yes :)

    "Jamendo Lies?"
    -Yes... since always ;)
  • Thanks for comments, need more artists experience feedbacks
  • Same here - I found out, one of my tracks got licensed for a movie that would run in Italy's (and probably the rest of Europe's) cinemas in summer 2015 when the movie company sent me an email requesting my data for the titles(!). Should have earned me € 400.- according to the price list and conditions that were valid and on display at the time the deal was made.
    Jamendo payed me €80.- refusing to answer any mails faxes or letters I sent them. I got no bill, details or sufficient payment. Not a single word of explanation.
    They have been acting like assholes for years, but this is really a new low.