Livio Amato - "Sensitivity" the album.
  • Hi!
    In anticipation of the release of "Sensitivity", has at this moment, I had to withdraw three previews ( "Sensitivity", "Musa 4th Melody" and "Riela") from my Jamendo artist page, to avoid conflicts between Creative Commons licenses.
    It closes the first cycle in which, thanks to you who support me, those previews have also reached the top of the charts Italian month / week.
    Perhaps it is rhetorical, but I have not other ways to say thank you all, and then I dedicate to you all this album.
    Some of the songs contained on it, it was truly "taken my soul" for a long time ( "Sensitivity", for example, cost me almost three years of records and remaking).
    The long time elapsed from the idea to its translation into music is not, of course, to certify their quality: sometimes there is a commitment both to get a little ....
    I hope that these eight songs, ranging from the most radical synthesizer, more realistic ambient (the sound effects are not obtained by synthesis), the classical piano-solo to symphonic orchestral, to please you.
    I hope that these songs can be thirty minutes of relaxing and sensitive listening!
    Thanks again, my heart!