I'm new to Jamendo. Say hello!
  • Hey there, I'm new here. Just wanted to say Hi. :bigsmile:
  • Hello to you then, and happy jamendoing. You'll find real treasures if you take the time to seek them.

  • hello ppl new 2 this site looks great :bigsmile::bigsmile:
  • Hi all, im new.
    I like this site. I really want to thank the one behind this site. :bigsmile:
  • I'm new as well; so hey there fella, how goes? Like QuarK said; you'll find some real awesomeness if ya take the time to search, there's goodness abound my friend.
  • hello /,,/
  • hi! seek and enjoy!!! You'll find almost anything here!! good jameldoing!
  • hello. if you're a music fan (if you weren't, why would you be here?) you're going to find this site is lots of fun
  • Hello all. I am new as well. Wow this thread hasn't been posted in for nearly a year. :surprised: Was wondering if we can post images here? Let me try...


    hmm..it didn't work. What do I need to do I wonder.:confused:
  • You may try switching to Html, which can found at the bottom of the box that we type in. Others have done it, so am sure it is possible...
  • hmmmm :questing:         lol it's a theme...sorry

    Hi -Mirage- ^_^ Mike was right. you have to go html and use the... img src "" ...tag
  • Hey Cool . . . is that you SirQuestinghood? You've got a nice view from your apartment! :-D

    Thanks for the information!
  • LOL!

    Why... yes, that is me... We enjoyed that view QUITE often as the air conditioner was always on the frits..
  • Sweet! Thanks very much guys. I did wonder about using that. :smile:
  • SirQuestinghood said:
    Why... yes, that is me... We enjoyed that view QUITE often as the air conditioner was always on the frits..

    Well, the picture shows up your profile quite nicely . . . and that view . . . what can I say . . . you get out of town visitors often?

    and @-Mirage- I am becoming quite curious about these pictures of yours . . . eventually you will get them in . ..

    and welcome to Jamendo!

    - Barbara:bigsmile:
  • Hi, and thank you for the nice welcome! I still couldn't get the pic to show up even after checking the html box..hmm. But I shan't give up, I know it must be very simple...I just confuse easily, lol. :wink:

    Btw, I was just mostly checkin' to see if we could post them and if there were size limits, etc. Would be cool to start a thread or two that we could post pix in. I do love my visuals. : )
  • jamendo is great!!!:surfing:
  • Meow :bigsmile:
  • cats are great too!!!:confused:
  • Surfs up?? :tongue: :wink:
  • Ha ha ....I think we have all jumped onto a very old thread ( March 31,2007). Is Kitty Meow still here? Meow?
  • lol, yes we have. Here kitty kitty, we have warm milk! :bigsmile:
  • Well Kitty Meow didn't last too long . . . I just looked . . . no albums, no reviews and no friends . . .

    We need a new cat so I vote for SelkieSong . . . he/she meows . . :wink:
  • Ok, they've got my vote :cool:...:cheer:
  • LOL

    SelkieSong = :devil:

    Isn't that the symbol for "cat"?
  • OK...:jumping:
  • It looks more like a devil, orangeupurple. I won't run for that position! ( This must be slap-happy Wednesday!) We should all go clubbing later! :wink:
  • LOL - well they didn't give me a cat . . . so - sorry just being silly!
  • lol I think all of the original posters are gone... or they are professional lurkers o_O

    you never know...you just never know...
  • [edit]

    [quote=SelkieSong] (This must be slap-happy Wednesday!) [/quote]

    :smile: Been that way for me from the time I got up...
  • image

    WooHoo I did it! :cheer: And yes I left off the President part, lol. But in my book you are! Thank you so much for your help. And I promise I will keep it to a minimum. It may be hard, but I shall. :wink:

    Dang, I wish we could 'preview' our post before posting it.
  • image

    Happy Friday! Where are my new found friends? *sniff*

  • Happy Halloween, -Mirage- !


    ok... it's nap time. l8r

  • hey new to this stopin by to say JELLO!!!:cool:
  • [quote=GorgeousExotica] stopin by to say JELLO!!!:cool: [/quote]

    Well JELLO to you 2 :)
  • Jello Jello! :bigsmile:

    Hmm...how about some jello shots! :tongue:
  • Hmmm - Hello-Jello - well aren't those beautiful!

    Where is the party?
  • Hello folks. Time to discover new music
  • Welcome, Jd_Jd_Jd

    Enjoy . . . Jamendo has a world to offer!:bigsmile:
  • Jd_Jd_Jd, you'll be scanning the archives for months, and still never find the end...
  • SouthOMike said:
    Jd_Jd_Jd, you'll be scanning the archives for months, and still never find the end...

    LOL! That is so true.

    Welcome Jd_Jd_Jd, Tis a nice place to kick back, hear some great tunes, and maybe write a good review. I'm still working on that last part :wink:
  • Hello and Welcome everyone.
    Glad to meet you all and i hope we will have some fun here.

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  • Welcome to Jamendo, MelissaF, and you will have huge fun here . . . lots of music. . . a never ending supply.
  • hello to everyone who is new...welcome and have fun..and Iam sure you will have on Jamendo...click play and savour all you hear music wise..:wink:
  • Hello there, this is my first time to visit this awesome site,Jamendo, I really love to be stay here with all the free and great music! :crazy: