other creative commons, sites like jamendo, free music out there?
  • hi i love jamendo. i was wondering what are some other sites like jamendo that allow you to download free music? i especially like the fact that you can download full albums here. i only listen to electronic music so im looking for electronic music :)
  • there are lots of them, you can browse also, because most are tagged with electro or ambient or whatever you look for:
    a few examples:
  • Don't forget the Creative Commons site itself -- it has a directory.

  • http://www.magnatune.com/
    "Listen to over 500 hand-picked complete albums. If you like what you hear, download an album for as little as $5 (you pick the price), or buy a real CD, or license our music for commercial use. You'll get MP3s & WAVs, and no copy protection (DRM), ever."
  • lazerdancer:
    what a question... there are hundreds of tons of free music tracks out there :)
    i'm really into netlabels...

    You say you like electronic music? Perfect, thats what the majority of netlabels offers
    (at least it seems to me that way).

    Places to start:

    Electronic netlabels:

    hope this helps you ;)
    (or, i'm sure it does...)
  • Awesome live music archive and many netlabels are hosted at http://archive.org/
    https://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/22643 (Read through the BS).

    Many artist on Reverbnation offer fan exclusive downloads. This however does not give rights to use the music in projects etc...and what bothers me the most is that emails and contact info for the artist are plainly visible to the public to write and ask for certain permissions, but somehow agencies like Jamendo sets itself up as a middle man on artist music making money off of it while hiding it from the artist affiliated with them. They seem not to want to pay artist shares and the music rights explanation their using to make money is technically illegal in the first place and only achieved by manipulative jargon. They not only rip the public, but artist to extents far beyond what's visible.

    They continuously have peculiar technical problems that affect artist stats on plays and streaming, (except their chosen house mouse's) and their not uniform in posting updates on streaming shares for artist either. Example: every two months on my list there were updates to streaming revenues from as far back as 2007 and then in 2014 it all but froze when I got close to 100 Euros in May. Following the May freeze I received more listens than I had the entire 6 and a half years since I've been posting my music to the site. It's now the end of November. They constantly make excuses where the obvious is present to get around paying artist. In 6 years I got to 74 Euros with 1 tenth the streaming shares. The listens I've had since may of the year would put me well over the top but now they have some lame excuse for not posting until whenever! What a crock of shit! They've been stealing the whole time and still don't want to pay out a few cents. They get paid off of my music right away. That equates to major greed, hate or just plain evil. And I know they hope like hell I just leave the site so they can just get me out of the way and still use my stuff under cover anyway. Fortunately they are under investigation and have numerous complaints on file with the BBB (Better Business Bureau's) of different localities.

    Also they do have some associates who are somewhat spiteful if you don't agree with them or ask too many questions especially the ones they don't care to answer. In this they exhibit deceptive practices and are being investigated and honestly unless reform becomes an option I personally don't see them lasting out the year under the current system of artist/listeners/fans and record keeping. Everything is blocked or hidden from one another in a way that lets them maintain an exclusive control over communications or interaction between artist and fans and that of itself presents the basis for investigation. It speaks for itself if you but give it a little thought.

    They work on the platform of not letting the right hand know what the left hand is doing now what would be the reason or reason's for that? They have financially grown exponentially from artist all over the world and give little or nothing in return except to promote their own choices and offer excuses for why artist and fans are frustrated alike. Think about it! I'm not saying everyone involved with Jamendo is crooked I'm just saying for now the crooked are running things and their time is running out so they're obviously stealing as much as they can while they can while working on a newer fresh approach to making money off of artist without them knowing it. As for now they've been found out and it's only a matter of time. Sad for the fans and artist (outside of Jamendo's grace) and if they seem to care it's only in words and excuses, I've seen no hint of slowing or stopping deceptive practices and for now it seems they only escalate. There is a lady there that basically rides the back of the beast with cup overflowing who obviously has the option of making things hard for anyone she may have personal issues with. Believe me when I tell you they have full control over artist accounts/dashboards and statistics to manipulate at will and do.

    Read On...

    They tried to tell me that my music was Creative Commons music and that because it was so I could not use tracking agencies like Adrev. That was not the case! An artist creation is not in and of itself creative commons music because he assigns CC licenses to his own music. It is only considered CC music by users of the CC agreement of the work and not the originator/copyright holder. As a result I have made more money and actually have had 4 deposits to my pay pal account where each one dwarfs Jamendo's records of streams, and license sales. They've sold 3 licenses and streamed my music for nearly 7 years and my Jamendo bank is frozen at 74 Euros and 8.5 USD since may of 2014 after I spoke with a girl or lady if you will named "Natalia" via Skype who was in no way helpful but to the contrary very evasive, controlling and rude. Coincidence? I don't think so. When I told them I had recorded the conversation they tried to tell me it was illegal..! LMFAO....As I said I've been paid 5 times what Jamendo holds in less than 9 months by a new tracking agency called Adrev who finds my music wherever it may be worldwide. Another problem I have with Jamendo is that when they sell my music they get paid a share, it doesn't say what their share is, but they also get it right away. I have to wait because they set a ceiling, but can freeze me anytime they desire. Blatant fucking thieves man! They've made sales of my stuff they haven't reported and that's why they hate Adrev, BMI and ASCAP. They want to bullshit basically and take what they want unquestioned. Think about it. Sorry they got busted!

    Now Jamendo would have you believe that this will interfere with your licenses or permissions under CC agreements, but such is not the case as long as you have permission by either paid pro licensing (which issues code) or directly from the artist/Author/Copyright holder. While the free CC licenses are technically valid Adrev however will make you prove that the artist offered a free license simply because (Jamendo is under investigation) for just the reasons I've already mentioned and are not held as a credible licensing agency for the same reasons but merely tolerated. Obvious deviant practices may slip by the majority but be assured not everyone is quite so easily fooled. Going directly to the artist is as easy as pie especially when you share a site with them. Why would you do any other? You should not be so proud as to think of going around the artist anyway this is the beginning of wrong thinking and wrong doing despite what an agency may tell you. Right is right and wrong is wrong as much as 2+2 is still 4. When something so simple is made to seem hard it's only because someone seeks to monopolize for personal gain.

    https://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/22643 (You have to read through the bullshit). Admittedly by Creative Commons.org BMI or ASCAP doesn't stand in the way of their artist issuing CC licenses to the public they only track their artist uses and see they get their few cents accordingly which has no effect on the CC user of said license since the user is not claiming copyright to the original work and is only claiming the project by acknowledging the artist for their contribution to his/her project. (dependent on the type of CC license)
    Jamendo doesn't want to deal with artist who are tracked by BMI, ASCAP or Addrev for that matter because the shares being tracked are no longer available for them to cash in on. That's why they have the deceptive clause reading "artist with performing rights affiliations etc, etc...) but if you read deeper you'll see that any artist despite affiliations acting as his/her own publisher is exempt being that no conflict exist between Jamendo's licensing interest and that of the performing rights agency. For Jamendo to discriminate against said artist due to mere affiliation would present ethical questions and violate rights in the most basic sense. Jamendo sells CC licenses. Meaning Jamendo can still sell Pro licenses but they will be tracked and all plays calculated by tracking agencies. Once again this does not affect the projects AdSense revenues for the user of the CC license "Pro or Free". But if you thought you could get paid for the Artist music you were in error from the very start, that would be theft. You may earn per play and click of your project embodying the artist work only through AdSense in the US. I don't know what's going on in other countries. The only reason Jamendo can get a share of pro sales is because they're acting as the middle man between artist and user. They take the user's money and suggest and artist share that get's posted as words in an artist account for which he may never get paid so in essence they are thieves from the start because they look for ways to keep the sale text only to the artist account pages. They don't want you to know this so hence no artist/fan communications.

    When I saw that Jamendo bashed it's own artist for finding other ways of making money my heart dropped and I began to investigate them on my own. I read, filled complaints and checked their stats against my contacts with what I have to work with and find deviance to the point of no return. I keep records of my findings just as I keep the recording of the conversation with Natalia as evidence and more accumulates on a weekly basis. How can they ever make it right now? Too much manipulation and dishonesty. They even distort the music files of artist they begrudge right on the Jamendo widgets, Why and how? because they have that access. Can I prove it? I already have with collaborators from other sites as well as affiliates and fans. They choose their times for certain artist and by exposing them I make myself a target, The problem with them taking advantage of it is like a fish to bait. They got snagged! My suggestion...Jamendo "Straighten up and fly right" you're not untouchable and fortunately you're not the antichrist even if you may be an affiliate you're not so big as to not be tumbled. Democracy 1 more - One World order 1 less.