endless thread (English)
  • so do you have the name of that software?

  • wait....tumhe milega......
  • see my avatar has an om now :)
  • yup stylish om.........:smile:
  • I have my dog on my avatar:wink:
  • it's the om mixed with tao symbols

    are you hindu?

    not sure if its offensive to mix symbols

    my philosophy is between chinese tao and indian vedanta so thats my symbol :)

    i read the tao te ching and the bagvad gita at around the same time so my ideas fuses together ;)
  • yes I am.

    I have had a heated argument with an artist here...he had a colorful picture of OM on it.

    If you see closely its more like a stylized version but then its difficult to tell.......
  • Do you use drums in music? Then this could be one option: http://www.brothersoft.com/drumcore-demo-70286.html

    I am still finding it...be patient:wink:
  • mine or his?

    mine is suposed to be styalised as, obviously, i'm not officialy hindu or any religion :)

    i just think the philosphy of india and some chinese stuff is incredible :)

    i'm always keen to read more.. i think you guys were seriously advanced about 2500-3000 years ago
  • we were till 1857....then started everything....then we are building the country again......

    I dont practice any religion either. But my family and friends do. Yours.
  • no, i'm not from a religious background,

    i just find the way people in the 'east' think is very worth understanding for a westerner

    my wife is buddhist but a lazy one he he, well, i sometimes think shes enlightened already so dosn't need to practice
  • looks like you gave me half the address, i get an error on that one...
  • do you know the artist The Abogix(JK)? He uses it! and makes awesome music
  • i've seen his name a lot but not listened to him... yet...

    will check his page..
  • woa that software is 100mb

    hope it's good

    looks good, downloading now

    internet usage going out of controllllll
  • Yeah I know she is buddhist from her name:smile:
  • whats your internet speed?
  • her name??

    my speed aint too hot 512

    but im limited on bandwidth per month because i dont have a phone line so have to go wireless
  • yes on your website.

    mine is 2 mbps

    512 at wireless is good, yes I am limited to bandwidth too!
  • well I havent used FL much. The tiny albums I have here are all made on keyboard and drums

    But I have started using it....its very complex...thanx to SaReGaMa.....I am know making some music.....he helped me understand FL! :bigsmile:
  • i can get double the speed but its double the money

    jamendo is demanding all my internet usage :p maybe time to upgrade :)

    her name on the web site is her Thai nickname
  • FL is fun, i found it tricky to get lots of variation in the tunes without making the timeline very complex

    got borred with it before making anything

    must try harder it said on my report at school :tongue:
  • then I think I misunderstood! But still I guessed right!
  • this magix music maker software looks pretty good

    i cant see how to program beats tho

    wonder if its just for arranging samples

    i wanna program some beats and bass lines..
  • i see it is not uncommon for people to donate 100eros to an artist !!!? EDIT even 150!!

    they must have downloaded 10 albums or more surely i mean, or they just want to sleep with the artist, or, i dunno, its like the artist is making more from a digital copy of something than they ever could for a material object

    wow, bring it on! so far ive made 0.18eros from this site, if someone gave me 100 (and i didnt die of shock) i'd probably retire, go on holiday and recomend them to a doctor..
  • [quote=phonicboom]or they just want to sleep with the artist, [/quote]


    [quote=phonicboom]o far ive made 0.18eros from this site,[/quote]

    I have defeated you pal! 2 EUROS!!

    [quote=phonicboom]i'd probably retire, go on holiday and recomend them to a doctor..[/quote]

    sometimes you think like me!
  • [quote=phonicboom]this magix music maker software looks pretty good

    i cant see how to program beats tho

    wonder if its just for arranging samples

    i wanna program some beats and bass lines..[/quote]

    Yes....and its great that such softwares are available for free!
  • [quote=phonicboom]wonder if its just for arranging samples

    please dont ask this part of puzzle! I am already solving some complex mathematical chapters prepared by KraftiM! Its a great mental exercise.
    Not to forget FL works!
  • if jam loader web finishes in the next hour, but i'm asleep for the next 10 hours...

    will it still be there in the morning?

    will i be able to continue to make the album or may the page time out or something?? :confused:
  • 10 HOURS! Chris you sleep at midnight....but still 10 hrs....good!

    what are you uploading?

    If your internet do not disconnect automatically...I think it will remain there! I have still not logged out since the morning.....the screen is on for 12 hrs...nothing happened
  • i'm uploading some tunes for a new artist

    also i'm expecting my Beatles cover versions to be published soon, i uploaded them a day or so ago :)
  • beatles??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • indeed

    i have done cover versions of various Beatles tunes - in the way only Phon can do ;-)
  • ah great....now its dinner break!
  • its bedtime here

    im tired but still not ready to sleep, just been uploading 17 tunes

    i noticed theres going to be a lot of "blues" music on jamendo

    if you leave the boxes as default for your tracks and just fill tho top box

    it overrides your top setting and makes all the tracks "blues" (as that is alphabetically the first choice for genre)

    maybe i should report it as a bug if other people confirm it
  • can you see this page ??


    not available yet tho
  • Yes I can see.......but the album has not released!

  • wow the album was reviewed before it was even downloaded!

    a very unhappy guy it seems.

    overnight it recived 7 downloads, 2 stars and one more angry review - so not bad
  • :bigsmile:

    Should it be the case that the music ingrained in our minds, lives and cultures have a price? Should an artist, no matter how skilled, be under duress of law if they play a song from days gone by?

    Obviously not, and that is why we are all here. Yet people in the world of freedom are taking roles in life that are from the old world. These people enroll themselves as ‘Police of Freedom’ stating what is free and what is not.

    You can not tell someone how to be free; you are free to do so, but they are free to pay no attention.


    When someone worked out how to add two numbers together they did not ask for 1 dollar every time someone used their ‘intellectual property’.

    If I think of a melody, can I hold on to it for life and expect to fight people with law to stop them enjoying it too?

    Well the current state of affairs is that if I want to cover the Beatles music, I can’t –

    FreeDom? :confused:

    FreeDonot! :tongue:


    No one here needs telling this, but perhaps some need reminding.


    A better world comes from a better understanding of each other and that our differences are what make life interesting. If we were all the same it would be a very dull place.

    The best way to govern is to leave alone.
  • Well said.

    I just made a nice song for my album on FL
  • i have to go out soon, maybe back in an hour or so, if not tomorrow

    busy day today, a pretty tricky sudoku puzzle in the newspaper

    My internet server was outta order thats why I was unable to come here.....and yeah I watched INDIA v AUSTRALIA 20-20 CRICKET MATCH!
  • fun fun fun

    whats your FL tune like?