endless thread (English)

  • yeah FL has that effect on people i think

    you gonna upload it?
  • I will make 2-3 more tracks then make a good poster (sleeve: KraftiM version :smile:) then I would upload.

    I have already made 3.

    And yes I am listening your new album and a review will come in 15-20 minutes :bigsmile:
  • which album?

    my new phon one came out yesterday and a new browzzorc album today

  • WHY the rating is only 1/10 ? :shocked::shocked:

    You have 2 great reviews!
  • and yes do listen to my existing small & tiny albums :tongue:
  • the review will come in 45 min...........I have to go and do some running
  • seems to be an error

    10 + 9 + 1 + 0 = 1 :confused:

    gotta go, im late

    c u
  • EVENING BREAK_____35 min

    THREAD IDLE.........................
  • i'm back but only kinda
  • I M BACK.............working on FL
  • I GOT IT !


    See the blue version of your album, somebody has given you only 1/10 rating!
  • there are 2 french reviews, both quite angry guys, one gave 1 and one gave 0

    but also i have one 9 and a 10

    plus some guy just gave 4

    shouldnt add to 1 :confused:
  • i gave u one just now....blue version
  • your review doesnt show on orange

    thanks for the review though :smile:

    seems people like this one, which is strange as its just made up of leftovers from the other 2

    its not new, infact 2 of the tracks are remixes of tunes from the other albums

    yes beetle is an animal beatle is the band notice the spelling :tongue:
  • who gave u 0? :shocked: He might be expecting the original Beatles Version!:wink:
  • so I write in the orange version now.....
  • yeah he did :bigsmile:

    and i asked him how he thought he'd get the beatles on a free music site :shocked:

    silly guy, took it very seriously

    hea actualy rated it as if it was by the beatles :tongue:
  • ha ha ha......
  • its there on the orange version too.....see
  • listening to browzzorc...................little long album.................
  • its a lot of tunes but they are all short so its not such a long album

    see you later, going to bed

    post your tunes soon :thumbup:
  • :peace:

    The tunes will still take some days!
    See ya tomorrow!
  • WOW!

    You made marvellous 'kitchen doors'!

  • i got a new limit on my internet connection now 7gig per month up from 3gig

    now i'm downloading like crazy trying to reach my limit by the end of the billing period

    gonna run out of space on my music drive soon
  • HAHA

    Mine is just 1.25 GB per month

    I may switch to 2.5 GB

    Imagine my internet life!
  • how do you listen to so much music??

    i have FL now, doing an ambient tune :)
  • so illegal download?

    and ha ha ho! u will never be able to understand how I LISTEN to music...its too complicated:devil:
  • official download from the FL site of course :)

    i'm going to export a wav or mp3 when i'm finished
  • which version? a demo? :shocked:
  • yeah a demo of 7
  • great!

    My internet service is pathetic! Many times the internet disconnects indefinitly!

    I am ranked 11, most active user on JAMENDO. Its a pity, there are only 4 members from the English side!:neutral:
  • i heard some undersea cables had been cut and indias internet was affected by it

    are you at home, uni or one of those internet shops running off car batteries ?
  • ah yes......it has affected Italy, India, UAE etc too!

    at uni......thats the secret to my music listening:wink: , the internet connection is great! mostly I download music at home......speed at uni is only 512...at home 2 mbps!

    [quote=phonicboom]those internet shops running off car batteries ?[/quote]

    i have never visited any cyber cafe in my life!
  • just trying to picture india again, i went to some prety 'interesting' internet cafes :)

    i streached my legs out to rest them one time and realised i was close to placing my feet on the terminals of a huge truck battery they were unsing to power the place :S
  • ah.......yes there are many such places in rural areas.....which place was it?
  • the one i'm thinking of was port blair

    but most were similar :)

    hows your FL tune going?

    I'm making slow progress, how do you add an effect to one track?
  • first tell me, how are you making the track:method.

    Port Blair: Andaman Islands. Which cities/states did u visit?
  • i have a window called playlist and i'm arranging different patterns to play at certain times

    so i have about 12 patterns and want to add reverb to one...

    goa, kerrela, trivanalandrumuni, andamin islands, some other places dargeeling, the place in the mountains kinda on the way to tibet but not and i cant remember the name of.. and stuff, sorry memeorys rubbish..
  • do u see a window where there are many volume controls? open that window
  • ah ha, mixer, yep, got it
  • :thumbup:
    but u hav to link that particular channel to INSERT1, INSERT2 any one of those.....then go to the properties & add whatever effects u like
  • ok, tommorrow,

    i'm bored of the tune, can't save it, so exporting as wav and gonna play with it in audacity :D

    cheers :wink:
  • why cant u save?

    what r the limitations of demo?
  • thats one of the main lilitations can't save, but you can make bits of a tune and export to build the tune elsewhere from wavs or export the whole thing as a wav

    but you can never go back to the fl version, unless you leave your computer on forever (which i pretty much do, but

    the thing with fl and music in general is you can over-hear something, its nice to jump and play on a different tune for a rest, but in the demo thats not poss

    still pretty good for a bit of fun :)
  • ah nice avatar!:smile:
  • jamendo style,
  • i wish i learn photoshop or corel draw :sad: