endless thread (English)
  • best way is just get a copy and play :)

    i'm gonna upload my ambient tune tonight.... thinking of a name....

    (i suppose you noticed by now that all the "browzzorc" stuff was rubbish?

    browzzorc = crossword

    i was doing the puzzles in the newspaper and noticed that crossword in a mirror makes quite a good band name, so i uploaded all my 'never made it tune' under the name
  • i havent finished listening

    have u listened to any of my albums?

    how did u make music during 95-99? wic software?
  • [quote=phonicboom]i was doing the puzzles in the newspaper and noticed that crossword in a mirror makes quite a good band name, so i uploaded all my 'never made it tune' under the name[/quote]
  • i used cubase (computer software), a keyboard and a black box called a sound module, which was a box with synth noises and some effects

    and then i recored it to tape or sometimes cd

    so what shall i call my ambient tune??

    maybe "Big Ben" as in the bell in the famous london clock

    but i'll adjust the name a bit to erm...
  • [quote=phonicboom]maybe "Big Ben"[/quote]

    big ben to ambient tune!:shocked:

    so meet after 2-3 hrs.....i hav to play cricket match return home :smile:
  • have to get mrs from work soon then probably be busy after,

    maybe see you

    still ttrying to finish this tune too..

    have fun
  • great!

    I am back!:bigsmile:

    So you dont watch movies either?

    how many tunes are you making?

    cubase is very nice software. My friend Serge says that it is much quicker to make music on cubase than fl!
  • cubase is great, i dont have it anymore, i had an apple mac back then but it is long since dead

    no, i'm not too into movies.

    i ust did one track today and just finished uploading it, nothing too special, just playing

    its called

    Phon - [ambient single] Big Ben

    i dint think of any good ideas on the name, but the front cover is big bens face and "for those about to clock"
  • :thumbup:

    You know what? We have broken the record of most messages in an English thread. The last best was 74 messages:crazy:
  • wow, we must really get out more
  • I will make atleast 6-7 songs for my album. Will give 1 week each to one song and i week to album art.

    So it will release probably in March end, April first week.:tooth:

    Till then enjoy my present creations!
  • we have 151-155 messages I think, more than double the previous..

    Big ben is very odd name:neutral:
  • yeah, it is a bit odd.. but...

    it has a very simple melody (not even a melody as this is phon we are talking about, so 4 notes)

    and i put an effect or two on it which almost completely destroyed the sound and left a kind of dull ringing, like a bell.. ish

    ..and, well, anyway

    :fierce: its better than anything kraftim has ever done :fierce:
  • phonicboom said:
    its better than anything kraftim has ever done

    many many people, perhaps everyone but me, would disagree

    and if i was honest, i'd disagree too
  • bedtime

    if you are borred, read this... http://www.wittypedia.com/

    another of my projects
  • [quote=phonicboom]s better than anything kraftim has ever done[/quote]

    Now that's revolting. KraftiM's music is very different and its a class of its own. Its very harsh to say this. I am listening to JamatriX and its nice.
  • I think its bad to compare one's music with other's.

    I would never compare SaReGaMa with KraftiM with The Abogix(J.K). All are great and are very much different from one another.
    It will give very bad impression to KraftiM.:sad:
  • you missed the joke

    sorry, text conversation :smile:
  • ah no problem! :cool:
  • I am very poor in nderstanding(u) jokes! no need for sorry! just my opinion!
  • Its raining in Brisbane
  • I dont know why they are showing LJ Mudit Sood :confused:
  • whos showing lj mudit sood?

    its raining very heavily in sydney
  • the forums, watch carefully!

    Did u upload the tune?
  • yeah, just listened to it this morning and not sure i like it at all :p

    ""the forums, watch carefully!""
    i dunno, ive been away, what did i miss??

    EDIT: Oh i see it now
  • new avatar mudit
  • greenish tinge
  • what is your height?
  • much better than the dog :)

    so you play guitar too?

    i'm downloading Illusions and Reflections

    by The Abogix (J.K.)
  • The Abogix(J.K) is great artist! Yup I play!

    [quote=phonicboom]much better than the dog :)[/quote]
  • going out for a bit....

    my height? 1m90cm

    strange question for a music forum :tongue:
  • Have u tried George Bush album by The Abogix(J.K)?

    [quote=phonicboom]strange question for a music forum[/quote]
  • the george bush album got mixed reviews and he doesnt like it himself...

    ..also, not sure i want to hear that dumbass talking as i listen to music...

    I got to go out and buy a new kettle, mine just melted and i need chai

    see you .......
  • its strange avatar. :neutral:
  • [quote=phonicboom] mine just melted [/quote]

  • rain has stopped
  • i'm having a hard time with FL

    its tough to get much variation in the tune without making loads of paterns and then having a very confusing timeline..
  • YES.....thats old FL. It requires very hard work. SaReGaMa artist spends 50 hrs for 1 track!

    I am writing an article on the JAM WIKI:bigsmile:
  • toooo long to spend on one track, i'd go crazy(er)

    mudit, how are you finding the statistics - like who is the most active user etc?
  • pretty interesting, 'open' is one of the biggest donors

    my check must be in the post...
  • yup he is!

    I am planning to make some myself in summer.

    And yes Healing Power....article completed by me:tongue:
  • [quote=phonicboom]my check must be in the post...[/quote]

    ha ha....but we use PayPal here! Sorry, no cheques!
  • it must be 2 AM there, still not asleep? You work hard :thumbup:

    When does the sun rises (time)?
  • i work from home so am pretty much always on the computer

    i never see the sun rise unless i'm still awake :) and that hasn't happend for a while
  • Hi!

    So I have my article in French too!
  • i;ve seen,

    well done,

    i have a new tune done, i like it :)

    busy doing work now though :(