endless thread (English)
  • LOL - way to - way to - way to cute

    Sir Q . . . darling bunnies . .. I don't know where mine disappeared to . . . it was there and then it was gone . . . :sad::confused:
  • :clap: You all sure do know a lot of cute!

    Hey Sir o _ O
    What happened to that rascal that made me a cookie and eated it ?
  • [quote=SouthOMike]Hmmm, wonder if it works for FedEx....

    :rolling: The messed up thing is... I have been trying to think of what you could put in such a little package.

    I thought of a ring... and that it would be cute but impersonal.

    I guess you could always hide around a corner and when she opens the package. You could jump out and say, "Surprise!!!"... or what have you.

    @ Selkie

    What a cutie patootie!!!!!!

    A very happy and content cat indeed! :bigsmile:

    Though that brown/orange belly would be impossible for me to resist reaching down and tickling :bigsmile: Of course... I'm not to sure how happy and content 'em would be after that though. :confused:

    Teeheehee Jumped in last while you were editing. :shamed:
  • Hey peoples! I haven't been here for a few months but I see it is still vewy slow and unpopulated. :wink: Hmm, maybe still need to start a new thread or two? :smile:
  • That's fine -Mirage-, but as you can see I have the last post... :bigsmile:
  • no Mike
    It's Mine :tooth:
  • *sigh* Shakes head...
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  • You're both wrong. I have it! :tooth: :tongue:
  • pffffth . . . amateurs . . . :wink:
  • True, you just don't listen...heh heh
  • Have no illusions... it's mine!

    The king and the fool, live by the illusion they rule. So, unless a king is there, let´s see then who will dare in wanting to rule... and be the next fool.

  • Sometimes Kings just lurk ;)

    Teeheeheeeeee :shamed:
  • My respects to His "lurking" Highness... :whorship:



    if there are no more "kings", scarcely lurking around... let's attempt to figure out, if indeed some fools can be found.

  • :shocked: Who would have guessed... it seems that these days, everybody is a king!

    I'm doomed... :cry: unless... wait a minute! Can somebody tell me, what's the average salary of a jester? :crazy:
  • Carybe said:
    Can somebody tell me, what's the average salary of a jester?

    As the president of the "international jester association" I must say : We are chronically underpaid.:angry:
    And it´s a dangerous job : One wrong hoax about the king and................ffffffftt........head off. :cry::angry:
    Many kings, many jesters.:crazy: Better you stay a king.
  • Yoohoo, oh Southomike, I have LAST POST! :bigsmile:
  • ...and then you woke up...
  • [quote=-Mirage-]Yoohoo, oh Southomike, I have LAST POST![/quote]

    [quote=SouthOMike]...and then you woke up...[/quote]

    Uff... what a relief... you saw it too... I mean, for a moment there, I thought that it was really just a mirage.

  • Time to wake up and smell the coffee! :bigsmile: It's no mirage, just an illusion :tongue:
  • Illusions are just life passing by...
  • B O O!!

  • Reality is an illusion which is caused by a lack of alcohol.................:smoking::surfing::trompet:

  • ick . . now I am nauseated . . .:sad::shades: