Boring Chat - For Old People (Users Mentally & Physically Over the Age of 30)
  • Welcome to "Boring Chat" - For Old People (Users Mentally & Physically Over the Age of 30)

    I expect this thread may be slow going,.. if no one responds to you in a few days, just have another cup of green tea, check the crossword in the newspaper, and do some more gardening...

    I would like to begin the chat with a quote....

    Beethoven said:

    PS no more than one smiley at a any one time please (if you are young enough to know what a smiley is :wink:
  • Good day to you, young man.

    I personally think Beethoven is too modern to be a good start for a discussion like this.

    Good to have you back. We all thought your absence is caused by problems with your respirator or a feeding tube.
  • Yes thanks, very nice to see you too - is that a new cardigan?
  • Well, yes. (happy face) I am so glad you noticed. I just knitted it myself.

    My mate from the Third Age University told me cardigans are passe these days... I replied that it is better to wear a fine unfashionable cardigan than a 19th-century pullover almost eaten by clothes moths. HA HA HA.

    But, returning to the subject of our discussion...
    Errrr.... What was the subject again...?
  • Oh Ooo, go easy - I was close to swallowing my dentures and almost spat out my boiled sweet.

    anymore of these jolly chats and I will have to ask nurse for a now, whatdyacallit..

    anyway lovely weather isn't it love, what was the name again - yes thats it kevin - he's the post man you know - lovely young chap - married to, now then who was it again - had a new car the other year and almost crashed into the vicar or his way past - is that the time - i have to put a tape in to record the play on, now where was i now...
  • Hello Gentlemen!

    I see I came just in time for a nice discussion. Pardon me for I'm arriving late, but I had to change my diaper.

    So what you and Mr. Marac are talking about?
  • Oh... It seems that I am Marac and the previous comments were written by me.

    Well... memory isn't what it used to be...

    My grandson tells me I should "delete" the above comment, but it does not work... (gloomy face).
    I press the DELETE key, but nothing happens...
    It must be this.... errrr..... oh yes gotit... an insect on the forums...
  • :dribbling from corner of mouth - dozing face:

    :startled and confused expression:

    EH! Speak Up!

    :eyes closed dead to the world:


    :dribbling from corner of mouth - dozing face:
  • Any recommendations for some nice soothing music to listen to on my gramophone?

    Right now I'm playing the oldies - Une and Antia by the classical composer Beethophon - because all the stuff these kids listen to is just noise.
  • Oh, same with me, my friend, same with me... Contemporary music is no good these days. Very sad... I'll tell you when I find something interesting, although I doubt it...

    Now I'm listening to some non-jamendo music for a change. Have you listened to this new CC-licensed NIN album? It's very idm-ish... Great recording. But nothing strange here, cause Trent Reznor is well over 30...

    I thought that your accidental use of a smiley in the first post would attract the You-Know-Who. But it looks like a thread must exceed some critical mass of smileys for a plague to start. I could try to calculate this but I donno where my abacus is. Must have been stolen or something...

    Let's hope we're safe for now.
  • Wow, that's a thread for us retireds! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
    Oops, sorry! I put two smileys! :shamed:
    Oops! I did it again!
  • marac, i can speak french, and the link you gave me is really interesting (wink)
  • @phon i can't believe it. I listened to this song of yours: "squeaky toy Pt1". That's clearly a plagiarism of "stairway to heaven" by Led Zeppelin. I'll make you ban from Jamendo forever! (angry)
  • good morning, fellows... nice to see a silent and warm area here on jamendo away from all this stressy forum threads before..

    hope that this will stay as fine as it begun.
  • Oh, sh!t, i thought i would find phon. He must be on dialysis again. (sad face)
    Good morning, kanga. Yes, it will be a silent forum, for me in any case, i lost my hearing aid (face who says the fword)
  • afternoon old men - i will be here in an hour or two after i've been out to throw bread at the birds and shout at children having fun in the park

    see you then (if i can find my glasses)

    by the way, have any of you read "dice man" by luke reinheart? great book i read some time ago in the 70's, i'm just reading one of the sequals now

    so if i don't come back today - it's because i rolled a 6 and 2 together - which means i have to go and learn to skydive

    see you later - maybe :toothless old grin and wrinkled eyes:
  • Oh, phon, i'm sorry to tell you your memory is wobbling again. You know that on saturdays i have to take care of my grand-grandchildren the whole day (resigned face with tear dribbling down) My only two free days ar sun and mon, when i finally can sleep the whole day in front of the television and sometimes water the flowers.
    See you tomorrow, if i get till then. You know, i like bananas, but i buy everyday only one, you can never know....
  • Hi boyz! (my grandson keeps telling me I should learn the "slang" - that is youngster's talk)

    So let's save "gentlemen" for those one-hundred-year-old retards. HA HA! Right, boyz? We're not dead yet! (At least I hope so... Phon, are you still with us?).

    Stesepu: I had no idea that Phon built not only toasters but also zeppelins before his retirement. So I don't know nothing about plagiarism. I wonder though, if a led zeppelin could fly at all? Wouldn't it be too heavy?

    Oh, sorry to hear 'bout your hearing aid. I don't need one. My hearing loss is too big - can't hear any difference with or without.

    Kanga: Good morning, my friend. You seem so gay today! Good to see you in a good mood.

    Phon: Yes, I read a book once! - before my cataract developed. I don't remember the title, though. I'll go ask my grandson - be back in two hours (the grandson's room is on the second floor).

    Wait... where are those bloody crutches...? Graaaaaandsooon!
  • with you in a minute

    having my piles seen to
  • i don't know half the muck you're talking about

    stop hanging out with those younguns they'll send yer maaaad
  • I just had "home help" come to my house and, as well as giving me a swift hand relief, they have read these forum posts to me.

    So now I see I missed quite a bit of what you BOYS (har har) had written.

    yes the music of Mr Trent Reznor, delightful, I haven't heard it so I'll give it 8/10

  • phonicboom said:
    to throw bread at the birds

    the whole or do yu slice it in pieces before? I prefer the whole.. the birds have fun... some of them
  • marac said:
    Kanga: Good morning, my friend. You seem so gay today! Good to see you in a good mood.

    Im in a perfect mood. i love brushing my teeth outside... you get them perfect white and if i dont forget to put them back in again, i carry them with me in the park for a short chess match with Dr. "hottie" Bernard wh does rectal aesthetic surgery here in Plymouth. And old fellow... i really need that, as you might know.
  • Hi, kanga. Could you explain me again, how you escaped from Mauthausen? You used to wear a pink triangle, didn't you? I once talked to that guy, what was his name, arnold hitter or something like that, and i said to him "Young man, aren't you exagerating a little bit?
    Look to me, I'm old but I'm happy!
    I was once like you are now, and i know that it's not easy to be calm when you've found something going on.
    But take your time, think a lot, think of everything you've got, for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not."
    But he didn't listen to me.
  • [quote=marac]I wonder though, if a led zeppelin could fly at all? Wouldn't it be too heavy?[/quote]Sure they could fly, i saw it with my own two eyes. Not only, I worked in the hangar where we built the first ones. But i wasn't there when they built the last one, they told me i was too old for that job, and they fired me! Then i said:"You fire me? Then i'll fire you!" and you know what happened... (devil)
  • stesepu said:
    Hi, kanga. Could you explain me again, how you escaped from Mauthausen? You used to wear a pink triangle, didn't you? I once talked to that guy, what was his name, arnold hitter or

    Oh i've never payed "Maut" (Road Charge or Toll) to someone with the Name "hittner".. i try to use the "Landstrasse" (Country Road) instead of the Autobahn to prevent paying for the use of the street. You sure mean Alfons Hintner who was well known by selling pink triangles to the symphonic orchestra of Roermond in the early 50s. Great sound.. those little tinky-pinky triangles at all.
  • No, your memory betrays you. The one with of the pink triangles was Thomas Alva Edison, which i met once when he was playing a song of Caruso rolling a strange pipe covered with wax. He called it "kilogrammophon", i think.
  • [quote=stesepu]i saw it with my own two eyes.[/quote]

    Oh yeah... Two eyes... I know what you mean... I still remember those good old times.

    [quote=stesepu]Thomas Saliva Edison[/quote]

    Poor guy... I have a small problem with saliva, too.

    [quote=stesepu]He called it "kilogrammophon"[/quote]

    Oh, I have this at home. Can you tell me, how you manage to play these new "contact discs" on a kilogrammophon? I bought a contact disc on several occasions, but each one was faulty - can you imagine??? They did not have rows, so the needle couldn't follow a track! And the store wouldn't give me my money back! They just laughed at me!!! When I was young I wouldn't dare to laugh at adults! Barbarous times we have now... (sad face)

    Errrrr.... what was that I just kept telling you...?
    Nice weather, isn't it?
  • hi gents,

    I can't make it to the club today. My usual helper is away, and the one who took his place can't drive -

    - still though - he gives a good bed bath, thats for sure, some over arm wrist technique with lubricant, very satisfying - he's downstairs now washing my bed sheets.

    I will have him delver this telegram once he's done.

    see you during the week - if i'm not dead yet - :wrinkled grin:
  • One by one, they all left.... During the week? I am glad if i get till tomorrow! (resigned expression, watching out of the window). Today I' m too tired to take my wheel chair and go for a ride outside. Where's my guide dog? Adolf (the dog) is already 19, he is older and blinder than me!
  • Hi Eveyone,
    Well you can't fool me, here you are all using computers to communicate with the rest of the world whilst trying to give the impression that your so old and decrepided that a quill pen and ink with parchment paper is your normal method of scribbling down your thoughts, sorry folks, I don't belive it.
    At least your hearing has not been affected by old age, judging by the reviews and opinions you guys express.
    I have managed to reach the grand old age of fifty, and have finally got the free cash to indulge in my life long passion to create music, a case of putting my money where my mouth is, after years of saying 'I could do better than that crap'. All I have managed to do is produce a different sort of crap but, hey, I don't care I just love picking up my guitar, and having fun.
    P.S The Roland Juno-G workstation is noy a suitable place for an ashtray, it slides off.
  • p-p-p-parchment paper?

    i vocalise my wisdom in a barley audible whisper over my aged vocal chords - my wife, 128 years my junior, chips them onto stone - once made they are sent by carrier to rome where they...

    ...yeah you rumbled me - i'm 32 but still...
  • Sent to Rome.....I heard it was ancient Egypt and they carved a giant stone statue of you, to honour your greatness...could be I was misled.....
  • mistaken identity i'm afraid..

    thats was PHAROS not PHON

    easy mistake :wink:
  • Yes, sorry....I should have realised that you are not an Egyptian God......merely a mortal man...I think the mistake arose because I heard your wife worships the very ground you walk on and panders to your every befits a man of your stature. My wife thinks I'm 'not all there'..... not sure why....although this straight jacket is just a bit tight......
  • [quote=Deepspacex]I have managed to reach the grand old age of fifty,[/quote]

    Liar! People do not live that long.
  • I saw things that you humans couldn't even imagine....
  • Marac.....I was kept in cryrogenic suspension for the entire time that 'Top of the Pops was on....thats how I managed to reach 50.....what happened to f'lower power'...did I miss something?
  • Oh, just a couple of wars made by two guy whose name is Bush, both of them . Can you imagine that?
  • "Flower power"? I'm not into all those kids' recreations... So I cannot help you. I know they had this festival at Woodsteak year ago (or was it two years?). All this crappy modern music. Yuck.
  • Stesepu.....Noooo..... does he want to rule the world?....does this mean I have to dust of my fliyng jacket, service the Spitfire and head off to Biggin Hill areodrome to join my squadron ..........
  • No, please, we already have enough english people flying over someone's head! And besides they told us the war is over, isn't it?
  • [quote=marac]"Flower power"? I'm not into all those kids' recreations... So I cannot help you. I know they had this festival at Woodsteak[/quote]It was the festival of the good steak in Exeter. Yor memory is getting weaker and weaker.
  • Oh well....thats that plan scuppered.......time for a nice cup of tea....and maybe a cucumber sandwich.
  • It's not 5 o' clock. Cucumber sandwich? How does it look like?
  • Its a secret english creation....but very tasty....I would tell you might mean the end of the British Empire.
  • well. I'm sorry to tell you, but... You slept a little to long on ice. The B.I. is now made of 1 and a half islands. And you haven't even euros, a new creation to make prices double in a week. You missed a lot!
  • Oh dear, oh dear...what is the world coming to.......the last memory I had was when I was in France....fighting in the trenches....very muddy...and a bit noisy.
    But we had wonderful music......those were the days.
  • Oh, yeah, Richard Strauss, father und son, I knew them both. I can remember i once told them: " Well, youngsters, i am too ald for this kind of music, but i have to admit it's not that bad". And they answered with a word beginning with F, i don't remember very well...