• • Atomic Studios just moved to a 15000 square foot facility with 3 times the shooting space of the former studio
    • Atomic Studios never charges overtime
    • The only studio that offers a 100% completion guarantee. If for what ever reason you do not finish your shoot or you forget a shot, you can come back and shoot for free
    • Parking for up to 100 cars
    • over 50 linear foot of shootable green screen
    • over 80 linear foot of shootable White Cyc
    • 48 linear foot of shootable black void
    • sign up on our site and receive a complete filmmakers tool kit packed with all the releases forms and printable documents needed to make your next film or video.
    • We now can provide over 20 ton of grip and lighting, steadicam, jibs, dollies.

    15,000 Sq Ft * Open 24/7 * Green Screen * 3 wall White CYC *Makeup & Dressing
    room * Full Kitchen * DSL Internet * Motion Control Setup* 4 Editing Bays *
    3-D Animation/Compositing * Pre to post production Crew * Askabout our new
    Condo insert stage located in Hollywood Hills and about our Hugeproduction
    RV/camera car combo

    Film, HD, & SD Camera packages HD Cameras
    Mini 35 adapter from P&S Technik 35mm Zeiss PL, F-1.3 speed lens 18, 25,35,
    50, 85
    25ft. StantonJimmy Jib with Remote Head and Dollies
    Cinema Products Provid Steadicam for 16mm film, HD, DV-Cam,& DV Cameras
    Phantom Hydraulic Crab Dolly (similar to Fischer 11) w/allaccessories
    Special F/X Gear: Mole Foggers, Atmospheric Hazers, LowLaying Foggers=
    Full audio package, Over 20 ton of grip and lighting includingHMIs, Kino
    Flo's, Dedos, Lite Panels, Mole-Richardson, Arri, Strand Lekos,Space Lights
    * Lowell Lights Barger Baglites with Chimeras and 30-60degree softEgg Crates
    * Large Distro package, Fully stocked and carted 1 ton 3 ton and5-ton grip
    trucks including: Camera Car Mount Kits and too much more gear to list here
    click here to see full list

    Please call me for an accurate quote
    Office: 323-851-3825
    Cell: 202-438-9199
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