Jammap v03! A geolocation based music player :)
  • Hi jammenders,

    Take a look at this draft: [currently works only in Google Chrome]

    It's a music player based in geolocation position. There are a lot of bugs, but you can know the idea, be inspired and contribute.

    This small project is opensource, hosted at .
  • awesome! :)

    I think we can do something seriously great with that :)

    We have basic geocoding support in the API so that even at the sub-country level you could find "local" artists. It doesn't support search yet however, so we'll work on that.

    Other thing, it would maybe be great to order the tracks you show by popularity or latest release ? I think you order by ID here, and it's always the same tracks :) you can usually add order=rating_desc , or order=date_desc to do that.

  • :)

    I fully agree, geolocation applications are a huge trend that is taking place.

    Great news! Everyone I talk about Jammap ask me about listen local artists feature.

    I have a refactoring planned, I will try fix the track order. Actually, I'm using "order=rating", but it doesn't make any effect, either "order=rating_desc ". This is a complete url request similar the one I'm using:


    (I'm not really sure about the join part "track_album+album_artist+album")

    Thanks for the feedback
  • Great tip. I will try it!
  • Another draft: http://jammap.cassioso.com/ with some improvements :) now it is cross-browser.
  • I really love ur website, and the mobilities that jamendo gives!
    Anyway it gives only the local "alternative" artists from the jamendo database. I cant find any api tool which could give me a list of commercial artists from a country. Maybe its a wrong place to ask for it, but maybe you might know, if there is any api to give commercial artists list from a country? I've been serching thorugh the web, and trying many apis like last.fm, yql, 7digitals, but they dont offer such tool.