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  • SelkieSong said:
    "I'm sorry Dave...I'm afraid I can't do that"

    LOL, I know right :bigsmile:

    Open the pod bay doors Hal....sorry Dave, I can not do that....HAL OPEN THE POD BAY DOORS?!.....sorry Dave, we are all going to die......HAL!!!

    Cracks me up every-time I listen to this album... every time.

    [edit]OK, I guess I'll move this to off-topic because I don't have an replies/review option on the category selector. sigh... I'm a n00b. Sorry if jumping in put this in the wrong spot Frederik.
  • LOL SirQuestinghood. I like your style!
    This is an awesome album isn't it?
    How can we help but be enthusiastic with all these great sounds right at our fingertips!:bigsmile: that I'm grounded again, I want to say " I love this album!" Thank you for sharing it with us!
  • Wow guys, what can I say but thanks!!:shocked::bigsmile:

    No help needed - just happy U like the show!! (of course you are always welcome to rec/like my stuff to others through Facebook and such)

    take care!!