Can't change track order for new album - am I missing something?
  • So I've just uploaded my new live album here on Jamendo, realised I got the track order wrong, and now want to change it...however, it appears I can't? If that's the case then that's completely ludicrous - I'm getting fed up with all these stupid little problems which have been on Jamendo for YEARS (like not being album to add tracks to an album.)

    If I seriously can't change the order of the tracks in my album, all it will result in me doing is having to delete my album and upload it AGAIN, which surely will waste more of Jamendo's resources than just allowing me to change the bloody track order in the first place!? :shocked:
  • Hi Marc,

    As of now, it is possible to change the order of tracks in the uploading process but not after the album is published. That is something that will change in the coming months but at this point you will have to reupload your album if you'd like your tracks in a different order.

    As for not being able to add tracks to an album, it's not a stupid problem but a rule we keep in place to keep jamendo more fair for artists and listeners. For example, if you have an album that has several reviews and then upload 5 new tracks to that album, the reviews are no longer a fair reflection of that particular album. In addition, by uploading a new album with your new track/tracks, you get more visibility when people are searching by latest releases vs adding a track to an old album. Also, your fans may check out a new album you post, however if they've already downloaded an existing album, they are not likely to check it frequently to see if you've added a couple new tracks to it.

    Community Manager
  • Hi Nicole, thanks for the response!

    I've had discussions before about the whole adding tracks to album - whilst I can understand the arguments being made against it, I personally disagree (for various reasons), and I know there are plenty of others who feel the same. The point about reviews is kind of irrelevant, because you allow people to remove tracks from an album, which has exactly the same effect.
    Anyway, it's something that I shouldn't have brought up, as I'm not interested in debating it, as it is something I am prepared to accept. I understand the majority are probably happy with how it works, and right now that's good enough for me.

    I am glad though that the changing track order feature is being implemented - I think I'll just wait it out until then, as I'd rather not have to go through the whole uploading process once more. In the meantime I'll probably just post the actual track order in the album description, for anyone who downloads it.

    Thanks for your time and help!
  • I'll be waiting for the new ability to change the order of tracks, too. I put the track that began the experiment of my album first because it was where I began even though it is the weakest track of the collection. That track is the one with the most plays. I need to place it somewhere else, perhaps at the end. I now understand that one should put their best track first, that that is the one that'll get the most listens, and will encourage people to listen to the whole album, and perhaps download it.


    I found this thread via Google, by the way.

    Loving Jamendo,
  • I am definitely missing changing track order feature. Could you please consider adding it to jamendo?
  • jamnicole said:
    Mar 3rd 2011

    Hi Marc,

    As of now, it is possible to change the order of tracks in the uploading process but not after the album is published. That is something that will change in the coming months

    ok a year on & ?
  • Yes! Before the end of the month :-)
  • better late than never :bigsmile:
  • mmmm, still no post track-order feature, and we are two years later.....