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    I'll start with..

    What is your fave musical instrument??
  • Interesting challenge Mirage...

    ... currently, my favorite instrument is the piano... let me tell you why. Recently, I had this small accident and broke one of my right hand fingers... nothing much... however, I had to go to the hospital for a small surgery. After that and when I went back to take off the stitches, just to make conversation, I asked to the doctor if I would be capable of playing the piano. Man, I was blown away when the answer was yes... and it's surely also a fantastic miracle of modern science, because until this small incident happen, I hadn't even the slightest idea it was possible to play the piano, just by breaking a finger and without going through a learning process, in the first place.

    It's a miracle I tell you... talking about miracles, do you believe ?
  • I believe that in Him all things are possible! Of course I believe...

    Will the Apocalypse happen on December 24, 2012?
  • SouthOMike said:
    Will the Apocalypse happen on December 24, 2012?

    Definitely and why not?

    Where do you wish you were instead of where you are now?

    P.S. Carybe . . . when will you put your newly created piano pieces on Jamendo .. .. I am eager to review them . .since piano is my favorite . . . and since my finger broke last winter I haven't been able to straighten it out to type let alone play the piano .. . I want your doctor . . .
  • Anywhere that is actually enjoying a summer. Luxembourg is a sweet, lovely little place but the weather seriously sucks.

    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • ^ Great answers & questions everyone! :bigsmile:

    Hmm so many is a toss up between France or Italy. I'll go with Italy

    Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Well, despite the fact that my first story was but a joke... or an attempt... I still think that this ain't really a challenge, unless a bit of spice is added.

    Now... above it all, I believe in believing. Even when sometimes we end up discovering that we weren't that right... not to say wrong. Believing, is the force that makes with that humanity keep going forward... even if, unfortunately, at the cost of having to learn with our own mistakes... which occours a lot. And yes... believe me, it happens... love at first sight is indeed a fact... of course that it wouldn't be quite appropriate to sustain my certainty with what is really a very personal event... and I'm sure that it can vary a bit from person to person, but... I can always tell you that it's such a fascinating experience, as it is intriguing. For starts, our life changes radically from a second to the next. A considerable amount of emotions, some quite strong, invade you instantaneously to the point of feeling highly instable and exposed... therefore, even if momentarily, highly insecure. It's something that don't quite gives you a chance to fight back... or even ignore... that instant, no matter how strong you are, you're doomed. And when things settle down a bit... and you are lucky enough to still be the protagonist of the following scenes, occasionally a strange sensation of reviving some situations and of already knowing that person, from somewhere before and which is a bit contradictory with the first sight initial premise, happen frequently. I think it's kind of like experiencing the phenomena known by the French expression "déjà vu"... which in fact, brings me to the next question:

    have you ever experienced déjà vu ?
  • many times! Sometimes I make a play: I write what I have dreamed the night before. Sometimes the dream became reality...sometimes not. I don't know if they really are paranormal events...or simply my mind thinks about what I will do the day after:wink: by the way, having a dejà-vu is funny and a little strange. A few days ago I dreamed poeple laghing. The day aftern I went out to buy some bottles of water, and I had to carry the package on a very ripid climb (I don't have the car yet). The package broke, and all the bottles rolled down the climb. The neighbors are still laughting. What an epic fail! lol

    Have you never done an "epic fail" like that?
  • Yes I have, a few times. :wink:

    Once, I had put my purse on top of my car while loading other items into it. And yep, I forgot it and drove away down the highway, lol. Needless to say it fell off and most of the contents scattered. It was really fun and not embarrassing to go back and pick them all up.....NOT! :tooth:

    @'s not necessarily a 'challenge'. More just for fun and to get to know each other a little better. :smile:

    What is your favorite season??
  • Winter. I just enjoy cold air :D

    How often do you clean your home?