Metadata missing/garbaged for albums/songs streamed from
  • When I use the "Play" option (with external player, mp3-m3u), some playlists contain streams with broken or missing metadata. I've noticed this happens for songs streamed from Some streamed playlists contain only such entries, others have random number of songs sourced from that server.

    Example of a broken album:
    The streams are missing information about id3 tags as well as file names (visible as ?trackid=XXXXX&format=mp31).

    I can see this spreading like a disease across all streaming playlists. My own playlists now contain only such garbage entries!
  • The situation is even worse with ogg/m3u option - all I get are EMPTY PLAYLISTS. In an editor, I can see the playlists consist of comments only.

    JAMENDO IS BROKEN AGAIN - about a thousandth time this year :/
  • All my recent downloads from Jamstore have been missing the id3
    Tags. ITs so frustratIng
  • Hello,

    We are working on it. We are restoring all the id3 as fast as possible. On new released tracks it's already fixed, but we'll have to reprocess all the files to fix that for everyone.


  • Well, it seems that all id3- and meta-tags got deleted on all my can I fix it!?

    should be fixed atleast on this release:

    any help here?
  • You must ask the question to if you want an answer ;o)