It's not because it's Christmas time...
  • That we will stop thinking of ourselves, as the center of the universe and realize that no matter how strong and secure we may feel momentarily, eventually we will be wrong and need help.

    That we will seize life and enjoy our living days, one after the other, trying to look at the bright side and love indiscriminately without second thoughts or necessarily expecting something in return.

    That we will stop wasting valuable assets and essential goods in the name of convenience, comfort or even vanity, just because, someone somewhere, is dying of starvation and thirst.

    That we will start tolerating and respecting the other people, independently of their nationality, color, creed, or religion.

    That we will stop fostering wars and being told to kill our similar, in the name of some purpose or ideal, which almost always ends proven, to be nothing but an elusive lie.

    That life on this planet, longtime mistreated and with a mortgaged future, by the greed of some, the lack of sensibility of many and impotence of a lot more people, will become truly pleasant for everyone.

    That these, or any other words, will instigate an effective and enduring sensitization, way beyond the mere momentary understanding of their significance, or even any fundamental difference in the way we think, feel or act individual and socially.

    It’s not because it's Christmas time ... but because is Christmas time, makes sense to believe, have faith and hope, that one day... one fine day, we are going to once and for all, overcome the selfish convenience of hiding behind and justify bad intentions and deeds, with whatever imperfections, limitations and inabilities, susceptible to be associated with our human condition... and on that day, then perhaps the words Merry Christmas, can finally make some real sense.

    Until then, it only makes sense to wish for one… and we must... and may the MUSIC and all forms of art... as a FREE, LIBERATING and CONCILIATOR instrument... help us getting there in safety, too.

  • well finally i saw the "music" word there and made sure i was on Jamendo!
    anyway i didn't get the meaning of "center of the universe". did you mean the purpose of universe?
  • You are so lovable, Carybe! Thank you for sharing your thoughts . . .

    I agree with you . . . in your dream . . . and vision . ..

    HUGS and Merry Christmas to you too . . .

  • What Carybe is saying is that there are times when we feel that we are the "center of the universe" and that everything revolves around what we do/say/think... A thought such as "Dang, I'm feeling so good, my belly is full from a good meal, and now I'm going to sit back in my easy chair and watch some TV" whereas somewhere in the world there are people that feel awful, starving and scrape together some cardboard boxes to sleep in.
    "Music has charms to soothe a savage breast" - William Congreve (from The Mourning Bride, circa 1697)
  • [quote=espi731]anyway i didn't get the meaning of "center of the universe"[/quote]

    Egocentric, selfish, above all things, superior to others... and so on, kind of center of the universe.

    [quote=espi731]well finally i saw the "music" word there and made sure i was on Jamendo[/quote]

    Well, I'm sure that while being on Jamendo, you probably notice a lot of things happening on daily bases, that apparently don't relate with music... but that can't be dissociated, because there's a link... us. And sometimes, we need to listen to something more than just music, to realize its importance.
  • Oh! a damn comma made me think the other way. that's cool though.

    "Black Elk" ,the Lakota medicine man, said:" Peace comes within the souls of men when they realize their oneness with the universe. when they realize it is really everywhere. it is within each of us."
  • [quote=Carybe]sometimes, we need to listen to something more than just music, to realize its importance. [/quote]

    i can't agree more with you. i also like to discuss something off-topic once in a while.