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  • Don't know why its so hard for me to add a picture . . . I HAVE directions and I follow them . . . but . . . oh well

    I just wanted to send the message . . .

    music I am listening to right now:


    Beautiful piano . . . improvisation . . . good for the spirit and soul and heart . ..

    Find a little peace, down in there where you live . . . and give it to those you love . . .:heart:

    Happy New Year to everyone . . .

    - M^^W -
  • Peace, love and Happy New Year to you too dear Barb !

    Thank you for your beautiful message

    :heart: :swingin: :flowers:
  • Thanks Sweetheart for your message ! PEACE and LOVE !! All the best for all Jamendians !!
    All the best to you also dear VAN SYLA !
  • ... special appearance to :

    Thank a Special Lady for her sweet wishes and send her mine in return from this special place where we had the chance to meet and grow our friendship.
    Whatever happens, this won't be forgotten.

    Peace and Love (à la mode Bisounours, better than anything else IMHO eheheh):wink:

    "When the fight is over, remains LOVE :dinner::grouphug::rainbow:
  • Thank you Van Syla, daisylis, and littleFingers . . . all the best to the very best . . .

    You are part of the reason why I still come here . . because of beautiful people like you!
    and because of the wonderfully generous shares by musicians and others like you who care about
    improving the world through love and music . .

    I just wish you all to be very blessed this year.

  • Yep, Peace and love to everyone. It spreads in our consciousness and when it builds nothing but joy fills the heart of humanity.
    A golden rule that should be practiced daily!