Looking for a specific kind of music
  • Dear readers,

    I already asked this question on multiple forums but know one seems to know the answer. I have some commercial tracks that contain only voices. And know I am looking for artists on jamendo that make the same kind of music.

    This are some references:

    Imogen heap - Hide and Seek (http://youtu.be/UYIAfiVGluk)
    Courtney Jones - Weightless (http://youtu.be/izjnZMjWZqk)
    Emmy Rossum - Slow Me Down (http://youtu.be/xiLcw4juIMk)

    You guys (or girls of course) could really help me out. So if you know the genre or even specific artist (on this website), please share them with me.

    Thank you!
  • How does that work that you have commercial voice tracks, yet, want Jamendo musicians? Am I misinterpeting your query?

    As for those that come close to that sound of the three; Leslie Hunt and Gina Thompson come to mind, as does Millionaire Blande...
  • [quote=SouthOMike] you have commercial voice tracks[/quote]
    I think he does not have rights to them, he just gave them as reference.
  • Agree with SouthOMike.
    Didn't understand what you want.
    When you have commercial voice tracks, why you want jamendo musicians????
    You want to re-create the music?