Mensaje de Nicole: audio feo en streaming y en download
  • jamnicole
    1 day ago

    hi guys - just posting this in a new thread as well, so it doesn't get lost in the "keeping you up to date" thread...

    Hi guys!

    Just wanted to update you on the audio quality situation. Many of you have mentioned that the quality of the audio on Jamendo seems to have decreased in the past several weeks. You are right and we are working to fix the problem and improve the sound. The problem started when we switched the server that the music lives on. We are currently reprocessing the music to improve the audio quality in streams/downloads as well as the tagging. This is a big process that will take quite a bit of time, unfortunately. We started the process yesterday evening and so within a few days we'll have a better idea of how long it will be, however I'm guessing that it will be a month before all the music is done. The music is being reprocessed based on their upload date, with the newest tracks being reprocessed first.

    Also, just to let you, if you try to listen to a track that is being processed at that exact moment, it will be temporarily unavailable. However, if you try again a couple minutes later, you'll be able to listen/download without any problems.

    If you French/German/Spanish/Italian/Russian/Portuguese speakers could pass the message on in the other forums, that would be great. Thank you!

    Community Manager