I really need Your help Dear Artist !!!
  • The debut album from this San Francisco Bay Area artist, The Goddess of Atvatabar is inspired by the 1891 hollow earth adventure novel by William R. Bradshaw and leans heavily on dark ambient, tribal ambient and middle eastern musical themes. The Goddess of Atvatabar is a self-released web album and is available as a free download. Please review and share with your friends, thank you!

  • My name is Michal and with few friends we are trying to do something conected with our passion witch is Contact Improvisation . . . . a kind of movement/dance....:boogie:

    We trying to build C.I. community and for start we build website: www.contactimprovisation.eu

    But we need some suitable music...... We will be gratefull for any help.....

    Sending positive Vibes to all . . . . . :bigsmile:
  • .....pls let me know at meil: ratajskim@yahoo.com
  • jaki typ muzy ?
  • hmm....raczej cos spokojniejszego...ale jestesmy otwarci na propozycje.....pomocne w zrozumieniu czym jest contact improvisation.....moga byc filmiki na youtube albo galeria zdjec na naszej stronie.....choc predzej filmiki.....

  • beassth widze ze lubisz Bjork.....tak dla wiekszego naprowadzenia....uwielbiam remix utworu Joga :cool: