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  • As I said, I woud remove the popularity charts... But in case most people decide to go for it:

    frank.harper said:
    1. Which parameter(s) should be taken into account, which parameter(s) are the best embodiment of popularity? plays, downloads, reviews, appearances in playlists, favorites?

    Plays, downloads, playlists, favorites. Everything non-subjetive.

    frank.harper said:
    2. Related to tracks or albums? I guess related to tracks is fairer because some artists spread lots of singles.

    If we count things like appareances in playlists, tracks seem to make more sense. Unless we define two separate popularity formulas, for long albums and single.

    Anyway, this has to be thought of very carefully since it could push averybody to release sigles instead of long albums... Which I find a bit embarrassing.

    frank.harper said:
    3. Which period? Week or month or what? I guess week is too short, it consists primarily of the freshly released albums. As for me popular music is what stays on top for at least some months, so I would like to set it to the last three months.

    Once again: The same formula, with different values should give three different rankings: Most popular this week, most popular this month, most popular ever. That's the usual thing in rankings (i.e. This week: Lady Gaga (gasp!), ever: The Beatles)
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