Sky Invader - the complete OST
  • This album is the soundtrack of the video game Sky Invader.
    The developer of this game asked me to create an "hollywoodian" film music, very present. And the game also looks like a movie : an alien ship attacked Earth, which respond by sending armies. (The theme is certainly not original, but the game has an attractive design and developments that make it very enjoyable to play)
    These pieces have been designed to be played during the combat phases of the game, they often begin in the same way to facilitate transitions. Some themes are recurrent.
    I composed this soundtrack in 2099, and I decided to came back in 2011 to share it with you, the game was still not completed in 2112, no one knows if it will be finished one day, or even if the human race will survive ...

    Happy listening,
    Phil Rey