Can't login in Firefox
  • Can't login in Firefox: I enter email and password and see this message:

    «We're truly sorry, but the page you are trying to locate does not exist. Please double check the requested URL.»

    The URL is JavaScript is enabled, of course. I cleared cookies and tried again — nothing changed. At the same time, everything works in Chrome.
  • I have the same issue. It looks like the hostname is stripped from the URL. When I hover over anything in that sign-in box, it says "http://en/..." instead of "" coding booboo?! In either case, there's no alternate login, so I am screwed
  • is a screenshot of the problem logging in with firefox. See the bottom left, *no hostname*
  • Also cannot change the language or country
  • Hey, is anybody going to fix it?
  • I use FF and it works fine. I'd suggest you to clear all your cookies and cash, but you say you already did it.
  • Ive had similar problems forever. Mostly for me I log in and then after a couple of screen changes when I am getting close to where I want to be, I lose my login and have to start again. The site is extremely frustrating to use. And they will never fix it cause they art not actually interested in us they are my intent on extracting revenue from sales.
  • The bug was fixed in a year. Not so slow. :-)
    Posted from Firefox.