New abum by PeerGynt Lobogris
  • The new abum of PeerGynt Lobogris: Desires on the BlueMoon's Shadows


    is available here:

    Track list:

    JOURNEY TO HEAVEN (Ambient/Latin/Rock/Ballad)
    FREE WORLD (lp version) (Rock/Fusion/Funk)
    WISHFUL THINKING (Ambient/NewAge/Rock)
    SHATTERED MOON (HardRock/HeavyRock)
    MOON OVER CALIPSO (Bossa/Smooth/Fusion)
    CORTUBA 1236 (Rock/Metal/Andaluz)
    UNCERTAIN NIGHTS (Lp version) (Jazz/Fusion)
    DEVILWOLF'S ECSTASY (Metal/Thrash)
    DESIRES ON THE BLUEMOON SHADOWS (Chillout/Ambient/FusionJazz)
    WAVES OF TIME (HardRock/Progressive)

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