endless thread (English)
  • A spicy English version of the famous German one 'endloser Laberthread'

    Start posting anything you want.....or just simple chat?
  • i'm enjoying the argument over on the free speech thread :-)

    very good fun, i was asleep for the start of it, it's been quiet all day but kicking off again now.
  • yeah....but why not post something there?

    That Hoxman was my friend! Now I know why he/she dissapeared:wink: .

    I thought he/she just vaporised! :wink:
  • German dude's have already posted 1800 messages. Almost there were 3 situations in which there were 45 messages in 50 seconds! (Talking about endloser Laberthread or simply endless Thread in English
  • i dont want to get involved, fun to read,

    no point in restarting the sme discussion here :-)

    the best contribution i had was


    but i saw it added little to the argument and pressed cancel ;-)
  • no problem....its just a time pass....no repeat of discussion at all :shocked:

    Its like Jamendo Seconds messenger
  • i was considering a game...

    not sure if it would be fun or not..?

    then game is to write the name of a jamendo artist



    then the next person has to add a jamendo artist whos name begins with the last letter of the one before


  • ha ha its great take this:

    phonicboom last letter 'm'
  • well you are supposed to continue from triplexity so yours should begin with "y" ;-)
  • But its easy......the go to blue version type y you will get it easily.....another game I think so
  • take this YARA
  • Hey Chris do you watch Cricket?
  • last game i saw was india pakistan about 3(??) years ago

    the one where you played each other for the first time in a long time

    i was in varanassi and the guys went crazy firing cheap fireworks over town =D
  • Dont talk about Varanasi! I dont like the state of Uttar Pradesh!

    Have you been to Gujarat?
  • whats in gujarat? which town or thing i may know

    i forget the names
  • A Website to Learn Different Languages

    For you Chris!:bigsmile:

    So did you stay in a hotel or friends home?
  • huts, hammocks and guesthouses
  • I live in Ahmedabad the only megacity of India.

    Then there are cities such as

    1. Diu
    2. Vadodara
    3. Surat

    4. Jamnagar: Underwater...

    Tell u more another day.! :wink:
  • none of them i dont think

    actualy i avoid the cities in india

    i prefer mountain beach or countryside

    are you talking about the city under the sea off the coast of india

    ive heard there are a number that went under the sea as it rose after the last ice age

    so some very old civilizations indeed :-) much older than people want us to belive
  • dont avoid all you will miss many things!
  • i've seen the cities in india, some experience, but i dont like to stay too long :-)
  • that is i don;t like cities at all in any country

    i'm into nature
  • cool even I dont like cities, I live far away from the city, near large farms, forest
  • nice,

    i am in a city now but its one of the better ones, im going to be in sydney for 2 years
  • I see you are a webdesigner? Even I am designing a website.

    Strange you dont watch cricket in England even while just surfing? Or is it you are not interested in it?:neutral:
  • i dont have a tv, or want one :-)

    i just downloaded audacity so i can start making music again, will install it later, it's been a long time since i made music
  • Yes Audacity is great software. But I have FL Studios 7.
    Amazing! No tv!! I watch atleast tennis, cricket & news on tv.
    So what instruments do you use?
  • been listening to jamendo artists only for about a week now,

    just listening to some old fashioned music that you pay for (remember that?) now for a change

    listening to Boards of Canada, wow they realy are cool :-)
  • i'm all electronic, no instruments

    news and tv are just rubbish

    if it was news to me, i'd know about it ;-D
  • [quote=phonicboom]news is rubbish[/quote]

    Being a General Knowledge and language freak I cant live without news.

    [quote=phonicboom]that you pay for (remember that?) now for a change[/quote]

    I dont remember!
    Let me try Boards of Canada, too!
  • You should better listen to Kokkaljos. Just ignore the ratings given to him.:bigsmile:
  • I am starting to like 'orange' version very much!:cool:
  • why should i listen to kokkaljos?
  • Its always good to give a try to artists with weird musical tastes :wink:

  • ..about making music, audacity doesn't realy look like what i need, or i don't understand it enough..

    i want a sequencer with built in sounds - maybe like fruityloops, but free, as i am poor :-)
  • Yeah it costed me a packet!

    You still not asleep??:shocked:
  • [quote=phonicboom]audacity doesn't realy look like what i need, or i don't understand it enough..[/quote]

    Its true! Audacity is just for editing and recording with some effects......reznamor gave me a link to one great free software it has everything. If you wait I can give you its link. Its free as a newer version is now available. do you want its name?
  • after 10 min...if you can wait....I am having dinner! :bigsmile:
  • yeah, no problem, i will see it here tomorrow, i have to sleep now as it's 2.45am

  • [quote=phonicboom]i have to sleep now as it's 2.45am[/quote]

    Thats why I am:shocked: .
    I know Sydney is 5 and a half hours ahead of my time.'



    Its dhanyavaad
  • I see our English forums nowadays have more activity than anyother forums here including FRENCH!
    For the last few days it had become a stand still!
  • Glen you know we 2 have made an entry into the most active users on JAMENDO?

    I am ranked 12

    You are ranked 16
  • I hope Kokkaljos find this thread and show some interest in it:tongue:
  • Oh, now what do you know!

    Hello. StrawberryClock is the King of the Portal.
  • hey mudit,

    what about the name of that music software you said you'd tell me ??
  • Good Morning

    yeah I will tell you today itself, just finding where did I save that page....
  • i added something to the argument thread but realized after doing it that i should have stayed out of it.

    it's still raging on, but the argument is between one side and the middle - the other side ie jamendo is nowhere to be seen

    one good point that was made is that a temporary ban would have been more appropriate, apart from that they are just arguing for the sake of arguing :-)
  • Yes there should be temporary ban. Its too harsh to ban a person for life. A person goes through many changes. Who knows he may realise his mistake. The ban should be temporary, atleast 6 months.