Against hate
  • Why people hate?
    Why people hate other people?
    Has no sense.
    The hate often makes innocient victims :cry::cry:
  • why peoples make wars ? why peoples have feeling, it hurts sometimes, we should have pills to not feel anything, the world would be better ..

    or maybe not :
  • I understand, dream_of_the_night . . .
    I understand how you feel . . .
    Sometimes it seems that when people are arguing, they are hating . ..
    but that is not always so . . .
    Sometimes discussion gets heated . . .
    and the argument has no end because the two sides do not listen to each other . ..
    and sometimes
    people have a raw feeling . .
    deep inside . . .
    which they cannot identify .. .
    which is but a shadow that frightens them . . .
    and makes them lash out at others . .

    Hate is a very strong feeling . ..
    like love ... .
    they walk hand in hand sometimes . . .

    for we are but fallen angels . .
    never really understanding our feelings . ..
    or impulses . . .

    and so we struggle on .. .. .
  • Hate is a primitive, egoistic reflex for self preservation - just like any emotion. But hate, the most extreme form of anger, especially adds the desire of harming another person.

    Like Wolfsong said, it's a very strong feeling. I guess a few thousand years ago this might have made sense, it gave you the needed extra power to beat the lion and was needed to get your fair share of food in your cave tribe. It was necessary to survive. Until now, humanity has not been able overcome this emotion.

    Interestingly, instead of slowly abolishing this emotion in these modern days hate itself still exists and seems to have difficulties to cope with the complexity of the new, global world: A world where the social gap gets bigger and bigger and it is difficult to make out who or what is controlling you, is taking your freedom, your power. In this world hate builds up and is usually directed at the next best, easiest, the wrong and innocent target instead, as they need an outlet, they cannot cope with it for long and they lack the creativity to use this powerful emotion in a constructive way.
  • hate is a powerful emotion. it's all some people have to go on.
  • those people just need to eat more sandwiches.