• Leo Bowers
    I really liked what you had to say about making video's. You're just the type of people I'm interested in working with. I think Jamendo and other services that act as middle men between artist and projects enthusiast know that too and honestly it serves their system better to keep artist from interacting with fans and special projects people because where you can get the permission on your own just from interaction with the artist that means they can't sell you a license from the middle of the transaction thereby they don't profit from it. When someone like you projects on an artist music the artist prospers, as does your project. The artist will get compensated for his contribution via (Adrev) and you technically can get compensation through an AdSense account for your contribution. (the video project) It's really allot simpler to deal direct artist to project and vice versa. I'm Leo if you see anything you'd like to work with just email me. https://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/339778/le
    November 2014
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