• Salut Carlos, Comme le suggère Librodio, voici ma boîte mail marion.matzer@bbox.fr... Je les mettrai dans le dossier "Quid Pro Quo", et au fait, je m'appelle Jean Claude ;o) @+
    February 2015
  • SaReGaMa
    Since it's not possible to respond to reviews anymore I would like to thank you here for the time you take to write your meaningful and positive comments. Cheers!
    June 2013
  • Wolfsong.thePoet
    Hi, Carlos? May I suggest that you start a thread with your reviews? Just a suggestion because you should be heard . . . your reviews are great! But our reviews are not so available anymore and . . well . . How are you? How is Carybe? . . . :-D
    March 2013
    • jamalien
      Geez Barbara... I'm sooo sorry... I mean, I come just occasionally to the forums basically to check out for messages and... quite honestly, have never noticed this one, until today. I have some difficulty dealing with the new format of Jamendo and also not that much time. Unfortunately, most of the times I end up giving up before finding something new interesting, or, when I do, there's not patience or discernment to write a review and then, tend not to come back again so soon. I sincerely don't know about my reviews... yes, I guess that there are a few persons who appreciate them, but I also keep having this feeling, that most of them, don't really understand what I mean. And some musicians don't want or appreciate subjectivity. Changing the subject... as you most probably know, times are really tough around here and though there are worst situations somewhere around the globe, I never thought they would become so difficult and humiliating for so many people in full 21 century. Fortunately, so far, I have somehow managed to pass aside of many troubles, but, the constant feeling of uncertainty, keeps on tormenting, even against our strongest will and unfortunately, there's also no signs of things getting better... oh well... about Carybe... you know, time's a healer and music's too, so, he's doing fine, as on the other hand, a sweet, yet clear memory, still lingers. I had some nasty persistent spam troubles with my previous e-mails so, I created a new one with a weird name, in fact it's a sort of a trick, but, it's real and functional. So, if you wish to contact me, you can do it to "spamincase@gmail.com". Again, please, please excuse me for not answering in due time... I imagine what you must have thought. Still loving you ;-)
      June 2013
    • Wolfsong.thePoet
      Love you too, Jamalien and I still enjoy reading your reviews whenever I happen across them . . . Sorry, I never got back to you . . . LOL . . I just read this today. I haven't been to the Jamendo Forums in ages . . . but now I'm trying to figure out how to contact the Jamendo Team . . . Don't know if there IS one . . :D
      May 2015

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